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    I know I've been posting a lot of Mariah, but this one hits the nail straight on the head for me. Aside from being an R&B masterpiece (like the rest of the album honestly), let me outline:

    A blissful summer night could actually perfectly capture many sides of my identity - the playfulness, the carelessness, the lack of constraints, etc. What I love most about the summer is not only how bright and happy everything is but how the days feel like you can do anything without anything holding you down.

    The setting itself (watching fireworks at night) is kind of analogous to the quick-burning and moth-to-flame way I interact with the world. I often say that I'm "in love with the idea of being in love" and it's true - it's no secret on here that it's very easy to draw my attention. My affection is like a firework - I romanticize the person-of-interest and imagine out dreamy scenarios and let it burn. I love the initial feeling of butterflies when your feelings are new exciting. I feel like this is where I've thrived all my life and where I've burned most of my memories into my brain.

    Although I would not put it past myself to do what Mariah is describing in the lyrics (acting on my bashful infatuations with a boy, running away and fooling around, and then fondly treasuring the feelings I had from then on)...actually wait...I HAVE done that. A few times - whoops. Anyways, I feel like while this definitely could describe me and a person I feel like it also describes my relationship with love itself as an entity. It happens swiftly in one blissful romantic evening, and after I find myself in a craving the same feeling over and over again.

    I know I keep characterizing myself by love, but even beyond that I feel this song captures the curious and playful way I just like to interact with life itself.

    And on that note, this is the most serious post I've written on here in a while.
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    Purposely chose a song with no lyrics.
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    "Be-and yet know the great void where all things begin,
    the infinite source of your own most intense vibration,
    so that, this once, you may give it your perfect assent."

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    Default the dreaming moon

    the formless thing which gives things form!
    Found Forum Haiku Project

    Positive Spin | your feedback welcomed | Darker Criticism
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    To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.
    ~ Elbert Hubbard

    Music provides one of the clearest examples of a much deeper relation between mathematics and human experience.
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