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Thread: Who is your daddy and what does he do?

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    My Entp 7w8 father is self employed mechanic who specializes in repairing high-end european cars. He raced motocross in his younger years, then switched to building and racing mini-modified race cars, and now keeps himself busy by restoring vintage motorcycles.

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    ISTJ former high school teacher; all-round handyman at home, devoted family man, and probably the most responsible person I have ever known. Now deceased, he finally figured out how to cut loose and enjoy himself in the last years before he died. He deserved it.
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    I would be more interested in who's our daddy and what pycho-class he belongs to, because the psycho-class our daddy belongs to largely determines our psyche.
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    My daddy is an INTJ double E and he is love.
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    Father is an ENTP technician. He works with subway trains.
    He used to be a self-employed mechanic when I was little.

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    My father is an INFJ. He used to be a general practitioner, then returned to uni to become a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist and is now retired. My parents divorced when I was 5. He is an intelligent, educated man with a big heart, probably too sensitive for his own good, but also has a lot of longterm issues and his physical and mental health has deteriorated a lot over the years.
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