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Thread: Confessions

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    According to Spotify, this was my most played angst song of 2015.

    Judge me. I am already judging myself.
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    Since the initial euphoria of my type change passed I will quiet down my rethoric a little bit.

    However I should have accepted the idea that I am not INTJ sooner.
    Especially since this change was very mentally liberating and now all things trully make much more sense.

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    This girl who lives on my hallway through away a bunch of stuff while moving out including half of a jumbo jar of mixed nuts. That seemed really wasteful to me so I picked it out of the trash can. Doesn't seem to be much worse for the wear and I 100% plan to eat them.

    It may be because I'm Indian but wasting food seems almost sinful to me.

    See? Perfectly good.

    EDIT: Just ate some. They're really good. Now, Game of Thrones.
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    The stark contrast between what I wanted to do as a teen as opposed to what I'd prefer to do within this period (regarding the same theme) eerily epitomizes my absurdly polarizing personality to me.
    “The moon had been observing the earth close-up longer than anyone...the moon remained silent; it told no stories. All it did was embrace the heavy past with a cool, measured detachment...No one could unlock the heart of the moon. Aomame...asked, “Have you gone to bed with someone in your arms lately?” 
The moon did not answer. 
“Do you have any friends?” she asked. 
The moon did not answer. 
“Don’t you get tired of always playing it cool?”
The moon did not answer.”
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    When I saw the word tl:dr for the first time I thought it meant toddler report.

    Turns out it's sort of the same thing....
    "Once the game is over, the Pawn and the King go back into the same box"

    Freedom isn't free.
    "Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." ~ Orwell
    I'm that person that embodies pretty much everything that you hate. Might as well get used to it.
    Unapologetically bonding in an uninhibited, propelled manner
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    An attractive guy I don't like ambushed me with a hug today. It made me feel VERY CONFLICTED.
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    I can't relate to the little girl I once was - willing to entertain the absurd because of overwhelming faith in imaginative possibilities. Who would knock on bark depressions, wondering if a talking animal or fairy creature would answer the door to their tree house?

    But...I still think trees are incredible.

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    As it turns out I really am on the wrong side of history, dont know what the fuck to do about it either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    As it turns out I really am on the wrong side of history, dont know what the fuck to do about it either.
    That's what I feel the whole time :/
    Work for a cause not for Applause
    Live to express not to Impress

    "It's easier to complain than to take action to improve things" -JAVO

    6w7 > 1w2 > 4w3

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    Every couple of days, I go through my Facebook posts and delete the ones that got the fewest likes.

    /3 fix
    Quote Originally Posted by Nørrsken impersonating EJCC
    It's strange. I keep banning morons, but they keep signing up? What is this?
    ESTJ - LSE - ESTj (mbti/socionics)
    1w2/7w6/3w4 so/sx (enneagram)
    lawful good (D&D) / ravenclaw + wampus (HP) / boros legion (M:TG)
    conscientious > sensitive > serious (oldham)
    want to ask me something? go for it!
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