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Thread: Confessions

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    Quote Originally Posted by geedoenfj View Post
    No actually it can happen to ESTJ, my father is ESTJ is in his 50s but yet I can see that he might express an opinion then after sometime he might do or say the exact opposite to that opinion on some situations which makes it a little difficult for me to understand how is he processing his ideas
    Since we're getting all into typology here I can safely say that it's my being an enneagram 1. On the one hand, there's the idea that I'm good at a thing based on 1) what other people think, or 2) particular standards of excellence. On the other hand, there's the demoralizing process of figuring out where I stand 1) in the grand scheme of things, or 2) relative to the best I could possibly be. Not to mention, the fallacy of "I'm terrible at 5% of this task, so therefore I must be terrible at the task" -- which is a fallacy I fall victim to fairly regularly.

    Can't count the number of things I feel both egotistical about and ashamed of, because of the above. Singing is one. My ability to be a good friend is another.
    "When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world -- 'No, YOU move.'"
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    I enjoy studying for the GRE more than I enjoy my current job. Which means that, yes, it's time for me to go back to school.
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    I left work early, in part, because I felt really bored with everything... then I got home and feel bored with everything here as well even though there's shit to do that should be interesting

    I'd take a nap, but I got bored with trying to fall asleep as well
    “Things just happen. What the hell.” -Terry Pratchett

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    I ate a hot-dog today but the second to last bite of it was gross so I didn't eat the last bite and I am oddly concerned about that and perterbed about that for several reasons. Missed out on protein and I mean... I have always had this thing where if I leave something out I imagine it as a living being who is being cruelled separated from its kind.

    It is a secret shame I have never before had the gall to verbalize.

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    I play Village Life on facebook.
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    Quote Originally Posted by magpie View Post
    This quote would look really good in your signature.
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    But nothing compares
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    I've been posting more in an attempt to increase my post count so I can be like the cool kids. It's hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forever View Post
    I think that's just an extrovert problem in general to what you're thinking of. Not aware of himself as he is aware of others.
    I sometimes think he had no particular standard to base his judgements or opinions on..
    I mean who has not changed over the years?? If I say that I have the same beliefs and opinions as 10 years ago, then I should have wasted 10 years of my life, but in my dad's case he just express a certain value and do the exact opposite, he apply a certian rule in some situations but refuse it in others, specially when it comes to dealing with us, sometimes he say somthing then cut it off because it has gone against a value he believe in, it doesn't bother me but I was just curious and I find what @EJCC brought up is quite interesting, thank you so much for the informative post
    Work for a cause not for Applause
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    Quote Originally Posted by geedoenfj View Post
    In Soviet Russia, Communists were actually passionate about each other, history should not be any different I suppose
    Yes comrade Stalin was really a compassionate dictator

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    My family never did the thing where we all ate together at the table, except when we went to my grandparents house on holidays. I think it's kind of silly, but then again I'm not that close to my family so it's not something I'd care to do.
    "Yeah, there wasn't a lot to do back on the old farm. Just sit back, think about things, and then repress those thoughts immediately..."

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