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Thread: The annoyance of walking thoughts.

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    Default The annoyance of walking thoughts.

    Does anyone else rue the clarity that can come with walking?

    If of course you are one of those who experiences understanding through walking. Probably sensor based no doubt.

    In any case, I say annoyance because when I am walking alone and even better in an environment devoid of people, I tend to get thoughts and ideas that come in a rush and to the minds ear they sound brilliant, or rather, they sound clear and well explained. However because I am not a dictaphone wielding ponce, I never remember to write down these thoughts.

    So they end up staying only in snatches and snatches are as the word implies; pieces rather than a whole picture. For example today I was almost mouthing the words in my head out loud, which some would say makes me look odd although I don't really notice if I'm doing it, and the idea was to do with the naivety of people who take the concept of freedom to extreme ends in order to justify actions that harm other, or end up harming others as well as themselves, which culminated in a thought about external and internal rules, where they come from, what indoctrinates them into you and how some can rely on their own self control and others seem to need control forced upon them.

    The point is that this is only the barest skim of what I was actually thinking, in my head it was all broken down and pontificated back to me by my own consciousness. But by the time I had reached the front door, ready to spring into action in either typing up these thoughts or scrawling them on the bathroom wall in crayon, the thoughts had evaporated.

    How stupid I thought, that I couldn't even contain my own ideas for even 30 minutes, but empty vessels make a loud noise, especially when an idea bumps around inside them and then skitters out again.

    Generally these thoughts come in moments, or glimmers, of inspiration and usually with an image of a potential situation I could bring about, hell I can see them almost wakingly in my head, but they usually go after a bit and I wonder what it was I thought I could achieve?

    So anyone else regularly experience this? And if so does it impede your ability to focus on courses of action?
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    I usually have conversations with my dead homeys when I'm walking by myself.

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