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Thread: What is your number for the sake of your loved one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martoon View Post
    Not with grammar like that, you won't.

    Regarding your OP, ladypink, I'm first going to go all annoying NT on you. You said that you would endanger the world to save your hubby. What do you mean by "endanger"? Before I could answer the question, I'd need to know how much risk I'd be putting the rest of the world in to save my loved one. Everything I do could theoretically start a chain of events that ultimately destroyed the world, and yet I keep doing things, because the risk is so incredibly small. So weighing an action against the risk of killing everyone on Earth depends entirely on the degree of risk.

    But most of the discussion in this thread appears to be based on the assumption that you'd be choosing between the loss of your loved one or the absolutely certain loss of everyone else on the planet. So going on that assumption:

    I would say that the right thing to do would be to save the other 7 billion people and let my loved one die. No question about it. Just because this person happens to be loved by me, no matter how deeply, doesn't make them worth more than the other people. After all, a lot of those 7 billion people are deeply loved by someone, and I'm not any more important than those someones, and my love isn't worth more than theirs.

    Now if I actually had to make this decision, would I do the right thing? I don't know. If it was an instinctive, split-second decision, yeah, it's a good chance I'd let everyone else die to save the one person most important to me. But if I was given time to think about it, then decide, I'd like to think that I'd have the strength of character to do the right thing, and choose to save 7 billion living, breathing, loving, loved, real people over the life of one. One thing to consider is that it would be a fate worse than death for my loved one to spend the rest of their life knowing that their life had been spared at the cost of everyone else. And a lot of those people who I let die would be people that my loved one cared about and loved, and I would have taken them away. And if the loss of all these billions of people wasn't the kind of thing that would torment my loved one immensely, then they wouldn't be my loved one. I couldn't develop that kind of deep affection for someone who wouldn't be tormented by that.

    Here's a thought exercise: If you were going to be killed first, then after you were gone either your husband would be killed, or the other 7 billion people on Earth would be killed (determined by a decision you made before dying), would you still make the same choice?
    Oh I agree entirely that choosing the loved one over everyone else is completely wrong - I don't deny that my answer is entirely un-noble.

    I guess I just imagine the situation in my head to be what others have called it as a knee-jerk reaction- where I have to make a snap decision- without even thinking my reflex would be to take/put whatever risk for the sake of my hubby.

    If I had time to think about it- it would depend on how much time I would get to talk to my husband- as he is a major influence of reason and sensibility
    - the more he would get to talk to me and strengthen me mentally the more I would be likely to do the right and noble thing as he would no doubt encourage me to save everyone else. If he didn't get to have an opportunity to be a voice of reason for me and a voice of closure for me as well- it would be important or empowering to have his blessing or forgiving permission to do the right thing -then I don't know what I would do- I might go into an abyss of despair and when I go into that place then there is no point to anything and any existence- it would be a very Ecclesiastes sentimental moment in time where everything is meaningless. There would have to people to look at face to face- I would have to be able to look at the people I am endangering as well- as that would help keep me grounded in reality and something about having a face to look at- the please say it ain't so Joe affect where the goodness/importance of humanity registers home- that would break through the abyss of despair and help be a motivation to do the right thing.

    as far as your question asking if I were to die first- making the decision knowing I was going to die- I have to honestly say that makes it a lot easier- I would be able to no doubt save everyone else or not risk them- something about having to think of living without your soul mate when you could have saved them is too terrible-
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    Could I volunteer my own life, as opposed to that of my loved one, or those of the other 7 billion people?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post

    kill me instead.
    But you'd have the whole rest of your life to spend with my Titania!

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    To save my hypothetical lady friend I would personally put a bullet between the eyes of every single person on this planet.

    My trigger finger would get pretty stiff after all those headshots, might switch to Heavy after a while to speed things up. I'd need a dispenser to reload and probably build a sentry gun to help out. I could switch to Pyro and torch 'em all.

    /goes back to playing TF2

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    Quote Originally Posted by sassafrassquatch View Post
    To save my hypothetical lady friend I would personally put a bullet between the eyes of every single person on this planet.
    You ISTJ are a passionate lot.

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    No SO so *shrug* but I'd hunt down anyone who tried to hurt my nephew, just saying

    Could you believe I'm a pacifist after that?

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    In order to keep the human race alive after killing 7 billion people, we would have to make enormous amounts of babies. I can live with that.

    Seriously though, I'd let my loved one go. Of course I would.
    Besides, I don't know what's worse, having all your friends killed but sparing your loved one or the other way around.

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