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Thread: Assign the next poster a mission

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    Default Assign the next poster a mission

    This seemed to be popular when I was posting it in the random thought thread so I thought I'd post a thread and see what anyone would think or if they would take part, the idea is that its always going to be something which is realistically achieveable and which posters will feel like doing and maybe posting about, you can either post in this thread, random thought or rep when you've achieved a mission as you like.

    I'll start, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to compliment three people today, it can either be people on the forum, people offline or a combination of both as you like.


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    Next mission: Try a type of meat you haven't had before.
    Chimera of Filth

    A gruesome beast with dripping flesh
    Clings to me as a sick fixture
    My throbbing heart it gnawed apart
    It stalks and hunts me through mirrors

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