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Thread: Do I vibe like The Great One?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaptorWizard View Post
    @The Great One

    Will expand on this later when I have time and maybe more input...

    edit - Okay, the reason I mentioned this point is because I've made many threads asking what type people think I am, and The Great One did the same thing. It's like we question ourselves way too easily and get sucked in to every little piece of advice.

    I also know that guy gets very dramatic about a lot of really stupid or random things, and I'm known for being a generator of craziness as well.

    Yes, I know he's a big time pervert, which is something I am most certainly much further away from, so that doesn't count, but hey, at least the desire to contact people on a powerful level remains the same.

    I've noticed how our posts often come in big chains, like I've seen The Great One's name bouncing around from thread to thread very fast, and my name tends to do the same thing.

    I would've liked to think that the wit presented in my comments was of at least a vaguely similar nature too, but it seems my desired opinion ran counter to what the forum thinks.
    lol, we don't come of the same at all. I'm probably an Sx dom and you are about as dry as the Sahara desert. The similarities that you are seeing between us are that we both have Ne with Ti and that we both have a strong 6 influence that causes us both to question our types. Also I should mention that I found it funny that I was referred to as "A Big Time Pervert": that brought a smile to my face.

    Quote Originally Posted by animenagai View Post
    lol WTF? What on earth are you smoking?
    Thank you my friend.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaqcues Le Paul View Post
    No, sorry.

    The great one comes off as more socially experienced and active. Even possibly a bit more in tune with nature as well, but that is me being bold.

    You have a slight hermit vibe to you, which could be a good thing within itself if you feel that way about it.
    I am pretty socially experienced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stigmata View Post
    TheGreatOne actually makes seemingly coherent posts, whereas you're more of less metaphorical, more unassuming, yet still in the same vein of insanity version of Victor.
    lol, yeah his posts are pretty out in space. I also thank you for saying that my posts are coherent.

    Quote Originally Posted by Il Morto Che Parla View Post
    No, you don't really vibe like him.

    You have been asking the same question for over a year. It is a complete waste of time for everyone involved, in every sense. If you haven't got any closer to an answer by now, you're not going to and probably don't intend to.
    No I'm pretty sure he is INTP 5w6 so/sp. I have no idea how this man thinks that he is an SX dom.

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