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Thread: People who curse on the internet but not in real life

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giggly View Post
    So you mimic your online environment while you're online.... how come you don't do the same in real life?
    Oh, I do. The environments I spend my time in IRL just tend to be more straight-laced in language. I guess that's the essence of my "yes".
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    I curse the most online and when I'm alone. I instinctually avoid it in many other situations and most people who know me would be surprised I do it at all.
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    i do that - but i have an excuse:
    cursing in english (in which most of the websites i go to are written) is way funner then cursing in hebrew (what's spoken around me in RL)...

    i fucking love the fuckedup fact that in english you can drop any damn curse word into any SOB sentence you want, and it still makes sense...
    in hebrew you have to apply it to someone for it to work - so unless your accusing someone of being something, you're pretty much just dropped another person-reference into the sentence that is about completely other objects. you can't keep 'em hanging.

    that's being said, growing up i adopted yiddish curse words, in the army i adopted russian curse words into my hebrew, and since coming back from canada english curse words have being slipping in... ..because, er... because i have a dream! that one day the Israelite will be free of the shekels of grammar and will be able to judge when to put a curse word not by the content of the sentence but by the tone at which they want to say it in! one day hebrew and english speakers alike will be able to sit in equal standing and say.. fuck it. not him, not her, but IT. just because.

    (in the mean time i am happy to contribute to the liberation of english people from their grammar tyrants... you're welcome)

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    I don't curse anywhere, ever. I can't find a purpose for it and you know how it is with some of us, everything has to have a purpose.

    However, some of my characters do, because you know...they're different from me and it's just part of who they are
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    I curse more in real life. It's usually something that flies out of my mouth. Online, I get the luxury of filtering my language through typing, so a lot of the swears are filtered out. I try not to swear a lot, but sometimes in the heat of the moment, I just get too excited or something and all these curses start coming out. If I do swear online, it's more likely a conscious lexical choice.
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    I don't know who are like this, but I know the reversed. But they're the type of people who also pretend they're lives are amazing online, but who happen to be total trainwrecks irl.
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    I curse more IRL.
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    Let's say someone curses a lot on Facebook and many of their 'friends' on there are family and friends from real life. Isn't it likely that they curse the same in real life?

    I'm asking because a friend of mine and I were having a debate about this. I think they'd curse the same, my friend thinks not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mane View Post
    i fucking love the fuckedup fact that in english you can drop any damn curse word into any SOB sentence you want, and it still makes sense...
    Sentence? Swearing in English is so great you can put swear words right in the middle of other words! It's in-fucking-credible!

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