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Thread: Do you like to 'Judge' people?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicolita View Post
    Glad that was helpful @Honor

    As far as the necessary kind of judging people are talking about, I think it's good to make observations and recognize patterns. There are some people I'd rather not hang out with, but not because I have them labeled as any particular kind of person, I just know that when I'm with them, what we want doesn't seem to jive. Maybe I wouldn't ask a certain person to take care if something important for me. I don't think of them as an irresponsible person or lazy or whatever, I've just noticed that they might not have the best track record with that kind of thing.

    Basically it's sweeping character judgments and assigning motives to behavior that get my goat.
    Fair enough!

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    I'm usually too busy judging myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady X View Post
    sure yeah...there's almost always a reason and i prefer to think well of people.
    sure, because thinking bad of people, or engaging in gossip, only serves to creates a bad atmosphere... And also because you almost never get to see the whole context behind a person's reactions, so most of the time criticizing them is probably unfair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fia View Post
    In order to function in society we do need to make evaluations/judgments of others. Certitude combined with confirmation bias can sometimes be mistaken for accuracy. Because of the complexity of trying to accurately evaluate a highly subjective person through our own subjective perception, I think one safeguard is to remain open to continual revision of our judgments.
    My first reaction is that I don't judge people because I'm pretty good at accepting people for who they are. My second reaction is that well, I really do judge people along the lines of what fia says here. I think we are judging all the time. We have perceiving functions and judging functions. It's how the human brain works. The fact that you are reaching conclusions on something isn't necessarily bad and those conclusions or judgments do not have to be negative. If you appreciate something in a person, that is applying a judgment. If you dislike something they do, that is applying a judgment. Where I have a problem is when people harshly judge others and then act on those judgments in some negative kind of way or if they look down on a person. There is something to be said for appreciating differences and a lot of the negative judgments seem to be related to not appreciating how people are different than you or how they do things that you don't like to admit that you do yourself.

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    ^^ you're absolutely right...and i guess the only type related difference may be how open one is to alter previous judgements. ??
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    No. I'm the least judgmental person in the history of ever.
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    Very much so and I'm frequently vocal about it as it deflects the focus from my own shortcomings.

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    I do evaluate people on a number of criteria and compare them to myself, but I don't hold it against them unless they're a complete piece of shit. If I catch myself judging someone in a way that feels unfair or hasty, I try to think on it further. I don't give myself permission to mentally sneer at anything that rubs me the wrong way without a real evaluation.

    I don't see the big deal if you're not being a douche over every little thing that rubs you the wrong way. We should think on the world and people around us so that we don't become pandering idiots, and that requires judging everything we see and entertaining the idea that it may be good, bad, or neither regardless of what we're told or assumed. We need tempered opinions, but also tempered empathy for the people we share space with.

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    "Like to"? Nah. "Do so"? Yeah, sure.

    Of course I maintain the internal caveat that I cannot possibly know a person's entire life story or judge without my own lens; that my judgments aren't exactly from some omniscient, completely objective standpoint; and so on and so forth.

    I also know that the judgments I make are a reflection of myself. Trite but true. Part of that is a good thing--to some extent, that means that I learn further what I do and do not want to be.

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    My best friend says I am the most critical person in the world. I can't help but see things that could be fixed, no matter how minor. NOTHING IS EVER GOOD ENOUGH!!

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