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Thread: U.S.A.ers what is your patriotic contribution to today?

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    Default U.S.A.ers what is your patriotic contribution to today?


    mine is pretend to be a cat, because i don't have clothes that are patriotic, and people in the U.S. like cats or dogs, and I chose cat, because i do a better cat than dog.

    hopefully others won't be as lame.
    by @magpie

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    Fritos chips and salsa. Because this part of America was once Mexico, thereby making tortilla chips and salsa an American thing and my contribution to the party I'm going to later as well.

    'merica. 'sarcasm.
    Love is the point.

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    Ummm.... Designing a map for a fictional universe? Playing a Frenchman in a video game?

    Yeah, I'm not really into Americana.

    As far as my parents were concerned, today is colorful explosion day.
    Go to sleep, iguana.

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    We don't really celebrate the fourth because it turned out not to be one of those autistic-friendly holidays. But one my my daughter's friends is hanging out with us since her folks are out of town. When I made lunch for the fam, I left the critter out of hers because she's a vegetarian. Although that might be more of a Canadian thing to do than American.

    Wait! I've got another one! I burned my fingers! (No one has to know I did it while cooking instead of while playing with bottle rockets while drunk, right?)
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    Eating with family, is that patriotic enough?

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    I bought things?

    Seriously though I drank a Mexican Coke out of a glass bottle, I'm not sure how much more "current" I could be with Americana.

    I went to the beach and I watched all of the people cooking out with their families and I actually felt really proud less so to be an American as I do to be Californian, with all of the Californians playing in the ocean and pitching their tents on the beach and roasting their weenies in the park.

    I felt really "at one" with others in a detached impersonal way, and I guess that's at the core of any national or state holiday or form of patriotism.

    We united in our sun bathing and junk food consuming, because we are free to hang out, which is kind of rad.

    Being American isn't so bad down on this level. It's THOSE OTHER PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO BOTHER ME SO MUCH.

    I also watched the fireworks outside of my apartment. I noticed that people were especially friendly to me today, like they spoke to me often and for no reason, complete strangers.

    I used to kind of reject the Fe formality of national holidays but I'm starting to see them as "useful" it's like it cues people to remember that the other people around them exist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marmotini View Post
    I used to kind of reject the Fe formality of national holidays but I'm starting to see them as "useful" it's like it cues people to remember that the other people around them exist.
    If only it wasn't just national holidays. The only difference between me being nice on the 4th of July and me being nice on any other day is that the majority of people actually reply back positively. Formalities are overrated; I find it kind of fun to be nice and start up conversations with others since you never know what that spark could turn into.

    As for my contribution, I cooked food! Go me! If I was with my family I probably would have gone to see fireworks or something, but this year wasn't such a festive year. Was happy people enjoyed my food, though. My birthday is coming up on the 6th so I'm more pumped for that than this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Poriferan View Post
    Ummm.... Designing a map for a fictional universe? Playing a Frenchman in a video game?
    Ah, wait - this reminds me that my friends and I finally finished the board game (based off of a video game I like) we've been working on since January. Ended up designing/printing around 300 cards for the sake of the damn thing, but we got to play it today and it was so worth it. Normal board games are fine and all but when it's something you create yourself it just becomes exponentially more fun! We didn't intend to finish on the 4th of July but the festivity of it all makes it fitting. Power to the awesome interests, my friend.
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    I watched Independence Day on VHS
    Johari / Nohari

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    I worked and watched all the other Americans having fun. That's pretty patriotic.

    Oh, also I didn't kill anyone.
    Quote Originally Posted by MacGuffin View Post
    ayoitsStepho is becoming someone else. Actually her true self, a rite of passage.

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    I spent the all of the 4th alone in my darkened house with my cat, watching The Twilight Zone marathon on SciFi, as I've done every 4th of July the past few years. Good day. Very good day. Maybe next year I'll do this AND blow up things. Either way works.
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