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Thread: Do you view your life as a narrative?

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    Question Do you view your life as a narrative?

    Can you talk about whether you view your life as a narrative or if you view it in a different way? How has your view changed throughout your life?

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    I think I first viewed my life as a bunch of questions to solve.

    But very quickly it ended up becoming a combination of life narrative (a story I was telling) + a lab experiment in which I was the lab mouse and reporting my findings. The two actually work together, the narrative is not just a simple retelling of events in a dramatic way but also encourages insights on the collected data.

    Nowadays I still choose the narrative as a useful way to approach my life, but I accept that I'm weaving a story, which means it's a subjective thing -- I am choosing to highlight certain events and ignore others, so it's not necessarily the same story someone else might tell about me and not necessarily even objective, in the sense it's catering to decisions on my part of what I consider important.
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    Ya here is mine:

    Introduction: Becoming a zygote
    Chapter 1: Organs spring into existence
    Chapter 2: Coming out of my mom's pussy
    Chapter 3: "I think I shat myself"
    Chapter 4: Becoming self aware, joy and exploration
    Chapter 5: 1st day of school
    Chapter 6: Ages 6-27: who cares, life sucks
    Chapter 7: Last stand
    Chapter 8: ?

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    I view it mostly as a narrative, but i'm concerned that i only have the allusion of choice. that every choice i make was planned gazillion years ago at the time of the big bang. That it doesn't matter if i had a chance to do it over again i'd be forced to make the exact same decisions again. I don't like this.
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    I used to think of my life as a narrative. Now I prefer to think of it as a tree.

    A seed grows into a sapling, growing mostly straight up, growing toward the sun. Later it begins to branch out. Eventually shady spots where the sun's rays will never reach again develop, and it stops growing there. Some branches die off, others keep growing. Sometimes the ones that keep growing become so heavy they collapse under their own weight. Some branches become diseased and need to be pruned, lest the whole tree become infected. Sometimes they're pruned just for aesthetics, or deliberately pruned to keep the tree from growing in a particular direction, or to encourage it to grow in another. Some cuts are clean, others leave permanent scars. Sometimes the pruner is a little overzealous and cuts off more than they should. It might grow back in that same direction, it might not. I may or may not be the pruner. Over time the tree will show clean cuts, scars, dead branches that haven't been pruned, new branches that are just beginning to grow out.

    Eventually the tree will come down; by wind or lightning maybe, or simply from old age. The only physical reminder it was ever there will be a stump. People will tell stories of their own about that tree that once stood there.

    EDIT: Someone left me a rep comment saying this reminds them of "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein. I just wanted to say I find that interesting because I've never read that story nor any of Silverstein's other works.

    EDIT2: I forgot to explain how/why it changed from having looked at it as a narrative. I found myself subconsciously but deliberately trying to make my narrative fit a preconceived structure. It didn't, and it was making me miserable. It still bothers me sometimes.

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    It's not a good thing when I'm looking at it that way. I'm not being real at that time.
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    I've always felt like my life was a narrative. Whenever something intense happens to me, I have this 2nd person narrator voice in my head. I guess it's because I read too much (fan)fiction when I was younger lol.
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    I couldn't live if I didn't. I actually had an entire monologue lined up for this thread using vocaroo, but unfortunately my microphone isn't very good.
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    Sometimes I think I should have a theme song and one of those epic theatrical trailer voices make random commentary, if that counts...

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    Maybe a series of short stories with a lot of filler in between.

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