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Thread: The Myers-Briggs Asshole Index

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    ... the chicken is constipated - i am going through a bit of a writers block regarding finishing the other 12 types. anyone else up for a try?

    Quote Originally Posted by LittleV View Post
    Oh, gosh. My ex sounds ENFJ from this description...
    rofl - what was he really?

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    Laughed out loud at the STJs, but my ISFP left me disappointed. Most every list like this makes the same joke about them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marmotini View Post
    I think your definition of INFJ makes more sense, too. At least in the way they can be assholes, not the way they are all the time.
    yep - the thing is the quoted author was an INFJ so instead of writing how INFJs can be assholes he/she wrote on how hard it is to be an INFJ.

    i have tried avoiding that with the ENTP one, but i am not sure if did it justice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winds of Thor View Post
    Haha I made one for ISTJs!


    ISTJs issue orders of subservience to others. When they're not implying they own you, by how you will act, what you won't be doing, your pay, or telling you some arbitrary irrelevant other thing to try and break you, it's because they don't want to expose themselves as the power-sucking, spirit-destroying, will-inhibitors who try and dominate you that they are. Seriously!? Haha

    ISTJ workplace fantasy: Wasting (ah hem, spending lol) company money having a meeting about another meeting, and one about that meeting and another about the third meeting, which is about the one meeting. Adding more ISTJ cadres allowing more bureaucrats to join in the gravy train excitement, money flowing into their pockets without generating any profit for anybody. There's a job for them in management, yes. Managing the automated distribution plant.

    Their totem animal is the ox. They won't budge for you because they make up their own rules to have ways to disagree with you and own you. Rebels of the traditional order.
    Nailed it.

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    I'm gonna bold what's true about me and underline what's untrue about me and italicize what I'm not sure about due to either lack of experience or not knowing myself.

    Slightly hippyish, the ENFP is often one to black out after one drink. They will not stop pestering you with their ideas and they will usually not understand your feelings either. Very common, these idiots are not ones to bother with being consistent in their statements, and arguing with them will be frustrating as they’ve forgotten the beginning of the issue once you’ve explained why they’re wrong about the tangent they brought up. The apt animal comparison would be “goldfish”. Nothing fazes them, and everything is interesting as long as it’s in sight.

    They are usually happy, not having found anything to be unhappy about. Spending time with an ENFP is difficult, considering not many have the patience to listen to their stupid ideas. These are the people who get tribal tattoos and think that makes them part of a tribe. ENFPs are like reverse nihilists, in that they believe in everything you tell them.

    Being in a relationship with an ENFP is a challenge; expect to do all the work for little reward. While you might find that, during an initial period of falling in love, you really do connect with the ENFP, this is just due to them being so plastic and vapid that anything deeper than, say, an army boot is too hard for them to understand, so they’ll just parrot whatever you said. You are probably an INFP since you didn’t notice this, you cock.

    If I could underline "little reward" more times, I would.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mane View Post
    rofl - what was he really?

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