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Thread: Labor Pain Simulation on Men

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redbone View Post
    I have no doubt that plenty are doing just that.
    Meanwhile, girls who are planning on it one day, but haven't yet are like
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    Cerebral Artery

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    Yeah, true. I would never want to frighten young women who want to have families someday about the process of giving birth. It is hard but (and I know how this sounds, I really do) giving birth was among the most meaningful and beautiful experiences of my life, both times. This is totally corny but to me, I felt connected to the line of mothers going back to our early hominid ancestors- we have created layer upon layer of culture and society that take us away from our origins as primitive peoples, and giving birth was, for me, a way to experience life as they experienced it, if only for a little while, and honor them. We wouldn't be here without them.

    I need to let the water out of this Fi bath, lol.

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    The thing that made it bearable for me was that I knew it could only go on for so long and there was no permanent damage being done. Unpleasant stuff is easier when there is an end in sight. And what a small price to pay, really.
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