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Thread: how do you differ from your type?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zarathustra View Post
    Good thread idea.

    Can't believe it hasn't been done.
    You are right not to believe it:

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    I'm way more laid back and adaptable than what is typically ascribed to "J" types.
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    I'm very in touch with my emotions and if there's something I don't want to do, no one procrastinates harder than me.

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    I'm pretty driven for INTP parameters. I prefer to spend my time on things that can readily have a pragmatic purpose, and I'm not much into Philosophy.

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    I tend to be much more polite and respectful than the usual INTJ reputation/stereotype, especially toward elderly folks. I see no purpose in knowingly offending someone without good reason. That just makes for smoother interactions, which might be a very Te motive, but some INTJs don't bother to observe. This is probably largely due to my upbringing, but I also think everyone deserves some baseline level of respect and consideration, just by virtue of their humanity. I suppose that's Fi at work. Whatever.
    Hope is the denial of reality. It is the carrot dangled before the draft horse to keep him plodding along in a vain attempt to reach it. We should remove the carrot and walk forward with our eyes open. -- Raistlin Majere

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mane View Post
    whether it's MBTI, enneagram, socionics, etc'...
    in what ways do you differ - and do not fit - into your own various typological description and stereotypes?
    I'd say I fit with it perfectly as I understand it.

    The bother is that other people cling to shity cliched stereotypes about my type and decide that I dont correspond to those, mostly because their political ideology is a bunch of bullshite and blinkering them to reality.

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    MBTI: I'm not a dude. Also not a lawyer. I occasionally have an, oh my god, emotion.

    E7: Party rocks in the house tonight maybe 4x annually, I'm not super extroverted and it's about 50/50 whether I'll actually be into hanging with other people or ignoring all texts and calls for 3 days while I zone in a project.

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    It really makes me wonder sometimes how in the world I always type as ISFJ because I feel like that type is way too nice for me.
    I'm not motherly or nurturing at all and I'm not traditional in the traditional sense of the word.
    Also, I hate everyone. (Just kidding. But I do hate people over stupid things.)
    It's all in the functions, I suppose

    Si-Ti loop ISFJ
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    ENTP 7:

    i'm not exactly the ball full of energy and restlessness people make out ExxPs to be. if i reach the point of being under stimulated, it can takes quite a bit of myself to push myself to do the things i want and/or need to do. i can be lazy / laid back, depending on which way you want to look at it. i can sit for hours and just enjoy a book, or writing my thoughts & scribbling invention ideas, and love every moment of it.

    in social situations i can go into either extreme - i can be very social or i can aspire to be a wallflower. i am a lot happier when i go the first road, but at times i can feel out of my element and socially anxious as a result. i even get to be shy once in awhile. i can spend months with minimal social interactions, though not without feeling extremely depressed and exhausted as a result.

    when i was younger i literally was the party host, but now i often find parties to be boring - it feels a bit like fake it till you make it, and if i don't meet anyone who impresses me or whose company i enjoy it feels like a waste of time.

    i've played the ENTP cat & mouse game a bit too many times, and found out the hard way that i get attached to the mice - start caring and shit - the well being of my friends becomes important and i can feel bad as fuck if i realize something i did was destructive towards it. ExxPs are often portrayed as people who can easily let go of anything and move on, and while this is true for projects & places, it's no longer true for me with people - far from it.

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    The list of things I do not differ with in ISFJ type descriptions would be much shorter.

    I look at it this way:

    I'm an ISFJ because Si-Ne/Ti-Fe functions make the most sense to and for me. I'm much too warm, personal, feely and illogical for Ti to be anything other than tertiary or inferior, which leaves xSFJ. Introvertedness makes more sense to/for me than extravertedness; I relate more to Si dominance than Fe dominance. Voila. ISFJ. There's nothing about Si-Fe that, to me, means I must be, to quote myself, :
    [I'm not] an always-nicey-nice, inhumanely patient, teaching, diaper-changing, mini-van-driving, church-bake-sale-organizing, holy-shit-number-of-details-remembering, traditional-value-upholding, wholly uncreative, doormat Suzy homemaker/Betty Crocker secretary extraordinaire
    Truth be told, I'm a disorganized, procrastinating, habitually late slob with a tendency toward indecisiveness. I've yet to understand how or why that would necessarily be incommensurate with ISFJ-hood, providing ISFJ just means Si-Fe.

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