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Thread: Does buying things make you uncomfortable?

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    Yeah, but only with stuff like food. I'm so wasteful with what I buy, both monetarily and with the food itself. If only I could just get off my lazy ass and put together a dish with some cheap ingredients, rather than buying out, eating a frozen dinner, or mooching off of my friends.

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    So I maybe sort of went on a spending spree.

    And now I have many material possessions to organize! Both cool but also weirdly overwhelming.

    I'm also selling stuff off as fast as I buy it, so...that's good at least. And most of it is small.

    gloves, vise for cheap (wilton cadet), way too many socket extensions, screwdrivers, adapters, wobble extensions, locking ends, pliers, lube, i got a big halogen lamp which i rigged to a tripod (from trash) that is easily the best work light i have and better than anything i've seen in the store, spinner handle (i made one also which is quite nice), bungee cords...

    i don't think i've ever bought so many non-food items I can't remember them all at once.
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