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    Default 100 ways to avoid buying and hoarding books

    This is a big deal for me right now, I'm undertaking a huge book clear out again, which is probably the third or fourth time in as many months.

    So I'm investigating ways to overcome this and I wonder if anyone had any ideas.

    So far the two that are standing out for me are that I'll not buy a book if I can get an audiobook of it for iPod or an electronic copy on kindle or some other sort of thing, I definitely have to do some research into the later options because I despite owning and using a kindle for a while I know I dont find it as easy as simply buying, shelving, opening or reading an actual book and until it is as easy I'll not do that.

    I've started with monthly clearences and I'm getting rid of books which I've not looked at or to within a complete year, I find its easy to clear out books which have been part of some fad or phase which I've already gone through, sometimes if I've read two or three books on a particular topic I'll decide I really dont need to read the third or fourth book on the topic I bought at the time I first became interested in it.

    Obvioulsy not visiting Amazon or sites like Amazon and not opening the promotional e-mails from the same is part of this too.

    Reducing my time online too, in theory this is going to permit me more time to read books and in theory most of the books I have which are cluttering up the place are not "keepers" they are merely gathering dust because I've not been able to get aroudn to reading them and have gotten another book or twenty in between times and am reading them instead.

    Using a library instead of buying books, that's really not easy, I know no one is going to believe me but this has proven impossible to me in the past, I either cant read to the schedule which is someone elses or they dont have the selection of books I need (the later is the bigger issue).

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    Join the old fashioned offline rl borrowing cloud, where you give books knowing you will never see them again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mane View Post
    Join the old fashioned offline rl borrowing cloud, where you give books knowing you will never see them again.
    I've tried that, although my borrowing cloud was a little like book addicts anon, people brought a sort of escalating amount of books they were seeking to dispose of and for every book someone gave to someone they got about three back and with the added bonus of being obligated to accept them even though sometimes it was a case of "why the hell would I want to read this? Oh, right, that one time I mentioned that I'd read such and such in my teens, which I hated, which I never read anything remotely resembling it again..."

    Someone I know told me that when they are tempted by their own habitual purchases vice that they put the amount of money they would be out into a tin or something and try to derive satisfaction from money saved in this way than money spent in the other way.

    The only problem with that is that I know that I'd wind up with the lump sum and I'd blow it on something book like or book related.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    This is a big deal for me right now, I'm undertaking a huge book clear out again, which is probably the third or fourth time in as many months.

    So I'm investigating ways to overcome this and I wonder if anyone had any ideas.
    So, is it about clutter or about saving money?

    If it's about clutter, the Kindle Paperwhite is likely your best bet.

    If it's about money, you'll need to give yourself a monthly budget and exercise self-discipline.

    Otherwise, keep your books and build a beautiful floor to ceiling library some day.
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    Sell them on ebay/craigslist/preferred auction before they pile up.
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    1. To avoid buying books, don't buy as many books.
    2. To avoid hoarding, sell or donate some of your books.

    Less sardonically, I'm a fan of Kindle and eBooks.

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    Ive recently become a fan of e-books on the kindle for one reason: Travel.

    I can travel with music, books, games, etc. on both my phone and my kindle and still access them from a computer if I like. I just cannot do that with a real book. (On the downside, they still won't count a device on airplane mode as acceptable on airplanes... it's a misleading feature. so a book's got me on that in-between status of flights.) I really want a paper white for when I'm at home--it would be much easier to reach for a paperwhite and change my mind on a book than to change my mind, get up out of bed, grab the book, and get back into bed.

    What I struggle with the most on e-books is actually the cost of them. Buying a book used at half price books is sooo much cheaper sometimes than a digital copy. I'm also undertaking a process of reducing my books.. I'd like to have one bookcase of books--a shelf of study and text books, a shelf of reference material, a shelf of favorites, a shelf of comic books and manga, and a shelf of new/borrowed/need-to-read, and a shelf of DVDs, CDs, and other media as such. If I could get away with that I'd be pretty happy. So far I have all of that-- AND a whole box of books in the garage to sort through.

    It is both a clutter and money thing--spending money on books when I have so many seems like bad business, and clutter because it just isn't feasible for me to go anywhere in the world with all of those books.

    So what's been working for me lately:
    - Once a month (starting last month) I've bought 2 books that I like in digital copies and then sold them to half price.
    - Making sections. (Aka: the shelf thing.. I put all the books out of the bookcase, put them in boxes and stacked them on the floor, then started seeing what would fit on each shelf and evaluating what I could part with based on space available.) The stuff I could part with if I had a digital copy, I put them in a stack, and at the beginning of the month I take two of that stack and buy them digital.
    - I download a free book off of Amazon once a month. I keep my eye out for promotions, and if I see none I'll pick a free book and buy it just because, hey, new book and it's free.. but it isn't a TON of new books cluttering my device.

    So far this is a very slow process, but it has been working all the same. Good luck with your endeavor.
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    Another vote for e-books. If you have a large library and you want it converted to digital format, there are services for that too:

    I used them and was happy with the results. I had 7 books by my favorite author converted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phobik View Post
    Sell them on ebay/craigslist/preferred auction before they pile up.
    I did that for a while, selling through Amazon but I got tired of it and it was too much work.

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