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    Can be poetic

    Here’s the sample from the “Missed Connections” poetry column that appeared in January:

    Drunk Irish Guy to the Girl in the Red Tights on the Subway to Queens

    drunk irish guy
    to the girl in the red tights
    on the subway to queens

    i really hope
    I did not creep you out…
    I was so drunk
    and you were so hot…

    I wish I could have met you
    at a different moment
    and a different place.
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    That James Blunt song is a bit creepy to me as well. Though others seem to love it.

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    Had to revive this thread because I have the same question as the OP, albeit a different opinion. Clearly CL has gone far far downhill in recent years , but I still occasionally comb through Missed Connections and find some interesting ones-- and cannot lie, I've always hoped someone would write a (non-gross/non-creepy one ) about me.

    I think I'm fascinated with it for similar reasons as @21% mentioned earlier in this thread-- wondering who interesting people are in public/passing settings, and what they might be thinking (especially if I find them attractive). I also pretty regularly experience "missed connection" like scenarios, either just general awkwardness, miscommunications, or heavy eye contact from strangers. All of the above apply. I have even read some MC posts that are more tangible, like "you left your hat at the table next to mine at Coffee Cup".

    But yes, clearly the sexually motivated or stalkerish ones are creepy. Otherwise, I find Missed Connections a useful, mysterious and potentially thoughtful vehicle. That said, were I the subject of interest, I would much prefer the person just talk to me then and there, than have to write a MC-- but we all get sheepish in the moment sometimes.
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    Girls who do it: Really want to get that lay.
    Guys who do it: Desperate and won't get it.

    First encounters are similar. Unless one person forgets lol.

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    If you miss it, you miss it...and that's okay. Maybe you weren't ready. When you are, there will be others.

    I still see it that way. While I've experienced situations like that, that left me curious for a few minutes, I've never found it hard to let them go.
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