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Thread: Do you think you are physically attractive?

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    No, not really. I was first told by my ballet teacher that I didn't have the right body shape at 6. I guess that was the first time I really thought about it. Been self-conscious ever since. I am told I have a pretty face, however

    I've learned that looks aren't nearly as important as I used to think when I was younger, but it would be nice not to wonder what it would feel like to be 'good enough' in that department.

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    Uhhh...hoo! Now that's a loaded question.

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    Not particularly, but I'm okay with that.

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    I consider myself average in comparison to others, although I like my unique combination of features.

    Physical attractiveness (those in the 7-9/10 range, aka the vast majority of attractive people) is a commodity, and thus not something to take an excessive pride in, or gain a sense of entitlement from. Not to mention the fact that you could be way off.

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    I beliebe i look normal. Nothing special nor there is anything to complain about. Howeber i am quite tall for someone who is where i am from (6ft) and has a average built (80kgs). Most people who are from where i am from who are as tall as i am are rather skinny. So i get easily noted and bless my good fortunes heightis considered attractive for some reason. So j have that. Other than that i don't look much good. When i was younger i tbought i wad good looking; which i have noticed a lot of people tend to overestimate. I get told a lot that i have tough facial expressions and that i would look good ina porno. So i guess that along with my height and fitlooking built is are the only good qualities i have.

    However my average lloks have never botherede becuase i am quite socially competent and charming enough to get positive reactions from a lot of women most if not all react positively when i flirt.

    I believe women have it harder if they are of average to bad looking. Hwoever i have met and was seduced by one particular average looking gilr who knew how to seduce withought even talkjng tk people. I think it's implying interest ever so slightly that got me turned on.

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    Wow, old thread.

    I don't find myself attractive, but I'm heterosexual. Whether others find me attractive is a matter of opinion and not really something I care about.
    "My sister puts up a front so people won't know how vulnerable she really is. Me? I put up a front so people won't know how vulnerable I'm not." - Dexter

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    not especially.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SillySapienne View Post
    For those that do:

    How long have you thought yourself as being physically attractive and what is it about yourself that you find attractive?

    Do you like your figure, your face, etc.?

    For those that don't:

    How long have you thought yourself as being physically unattractive, and what is it about yourself that you find unattractive?

    Do you have issues with your figure, your face, etc.?

    For everybody:

    How important are looks?

    How important is it to feel or not feel physically attractive?
    Yes. Mainly because I polled a bunch of women on OkCupid, and they consistently said I was an 8. I'll take that as being attractive enough. On my worse day, I look like a 7. I don't like my body or face, but women apparently do. Looks matter somewhat to me. The woman can't be hideous or really ugly, but beyond that I don't care. I like feeling physically attractive.

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    When I am confident I am attractive.

    When I am not I am ugly.

    Insecurity and pride are terrible vices.
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    .. all our different ways of thinking are to be considered as
    different ways of looking at the one reality, each with some
    domain in which it is clear and adequate….
    - David Bohm

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    I think I am physically attractive. The thing with thinking you are is... what if you are horribly disfigured in a terrible accident. Then what...

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