Favorites are easy for me. I know what I want, I see attributes of what I want in some thing; that thing becomes my favorite. Or, alternatively, it intuitively feels right or good--which I often then analyze to figure out why I like it. e.g.
  • My favorite food is stir fry--healthy, easy to fix, tasty, yet versatile enough to not get boring. You can also endlessly experiment with it.
  • My favorite band Bad Religion because they're poignant, solid, and energetic. I like energetic music when it matches my energy level, which it often does.
  • My favorite color is olive drab / dark green; turns out that it's because of the calming, natural influence that's often counter to what I am.
  • My favorite video game is (still!) Sonic 3 & Knuckles because (a) some games help me turn off my brain, (b) it's long and epic, and also (c) nostalgia.
  • My favorite style/motif/decor is one of minimalism; I'm pragmatic at the core, I like control over my environment, and it's easier to organize stuff (and thus obtain control) if you have less stuff. I also do not like needing too much preparation (to find things, to get dressed, etc.) because I value my time.

So on and so forth. Ask me about some thing, and I probably know what my favorite of it is.