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Thread: Trip advisors needed !

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    Default Trip advisors needed !

    So I am finally planning my 1st trip to the States (when you can call going around half of the globe a trip) .

    I am planning to stay between April / May for two weeks with my gf in San Francisco to see the Golden Gate Bridge and Park, Downtown, make a trip to Silicon Valley, Sacramento, Berkley and the Beach, Alcatraz, the Hippie Parc and Starfleet Command.

    What more would there be to see, I am currently amassing the data ?
    Any good hints regarding a hostel or hotel are appreciated as well. We'ld like to stay somwhere around the Golden Gate Panhandle, preferrably more to the East in the direction of Downtown.
    I am keeping this brief, cause I am pretty much at the beginning of planning, but any input you can give is greatly appreciated !
    Johari / Nohari

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    Although it is different, this thread might be of some use.
    @AgentF and @Zarathustra were quite knowledgeable.

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