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Thread: The going out thread

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    I've been enjoying bars less and less as I age.. I really like dinner parties, and I like get togethers at the house, which I do nearly weekly. Concerts I like if I am REALLY into the band.

    The last thing I recently did was the Run For Your Lives zombie 5k race with a bunch of the guys I deployed with. It was amazing, and the first time I'd ever done something like that. I was scared it'd be too extreme, but there was a lot of people there at all levels of fitness so that put me at ease.
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    I go to my curling league every Sunday. Beer and pizza afterwards. We often go to the local AHL games, we got a season ticket package. They're fun and a decent replacement for the NHL. Last weekend we went out with two other couples for dinner at a little bar with great food and live music. We have a Christmas party to attend this Saturday too.

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    Big piece of business went through that I've been working on for 3 months.

    I might go out with this stock broker/financial adviser I've been seeing who had a big day as well.
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    Anew Leaf


    saturday was the annual "lord of the rings" athon that one group of friends puts on each year. i can't watch all of them in one sitting anymore, so i only went for about half the day. had a brilliant time talking to people i haven't seen in awhile. then a small group of us hit up a late night showing of the hobbit afterwards. highlights included me getting into an argument over which planet is best with an entp, and seeing how ridiculous we could get in our points... and then winning the argument because (clearly) saturn > jupiter.

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    I'm usually either hanging one-on-one somewhere or at karaoke with an armada of assorted hoodlums and sing-songers.

    On Saturday I did go to NYC with four of my ladies to browse the Union Square Market and window displays. It was lovely. Sampled wines etc.
    Sunday I baked and did Christmassy things with two of my ladies and the one's Mom. More wine was had.

    Generally- classy with my ladies, chilled with my man, and wiled out with my karaoke crews.
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    A couple of old friends are gonna be in town for the holidays.

    This weekend is gonna be a shit show.

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    I was at a bonfire this past Saturday- my second. (I'm from the hood!) I think I was the oldest one there- everybody else mid to late 20s.

    That's my new squad lately- with all my friends married and kids, I've been adopted LOL.

    I'm invited out almost every weekend. Most of the time it's nothing special- somebody's house and a few bottles, a simple meal, and some great conversation. Every now and then we'll go out.

    The spot we use most is an ENFJ buddy of mine who has this top floor, corner apt in his building. Wall to wall windows and hellava view. He might actually be moving to the west coast. I hope not- but it's an opportunity he can't turn down.

    I am working on my crib now to get it company ready- I hope to move a few of the events chez IZ.

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    Anew Leaf


    I have new years eve plans involving:

    80s rock bands
    another ENFP
    big hair
    blue eyeshadow
    and the procurement of heavy metal t-shirts

    this could possibly be my new Greatest Day Ever.

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    I need to throw a Harry Potter party sometime soon...or have a Harry Potter marathon/sleepover.

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    Yesterday my friends and I went to get manicures to celebrate finishing our finals and becoming second semester seniors. It was so relaxing! And then we went out to someone's party and played some BP and all that jazz.

    I'm going to hang out with some friends today, too. I haven't hung out with them in a while, so I'm really excited!
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