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Thread: Gender Bender in the dressing room

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    I was in Goody's the other day trying on some things, came out of the door to try and find my hubby to model what I was trying on...he was'nt around, went back to the dressing room...came out again to find a bigger mirror to get the long view, and finally looked up at a sign that said Men's Dressing Room. I'd walked right by the Women's Dressing Room, which just looked like a place to hang clothes you didn't want to buy.

    I grabbed all my stuff and as I was leaving the Men's room, had to steer another woman away from there to the Women's room.

    Very confusing, they both being in the same overall cubicle and all.
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    I'm very insulted Wolf. My teacup Chihuahua Princess is first and then my Yorkie Poo Baby is second and THEN it's me. Sometimes I even let my personal assistant go before me so she can keep the door open for me or act as a wind buffer.

    I'm soooooo not a me-first person your accusations get my chi all out of wack.

    Now I'm going to have to schedule a private session with my yoga guru and then my acupuncturist. And I had been planning to use those three hours getting my hair retexturized and deep conditioned with gourmet organic biodegradable products flown in from Madagascar!

    Look how you've inconvenienced me!!!!!

    Now see who's stuck in the self-centered stage Wolf! Now look!!!!
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