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Thread: Secret Carrier Pigeon Message Found -- Can It Be Decoded?

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    Default Secret Carrier Pigeon Message Found -- Can It Be Decoded?

    Pretty cool, and I am glad they posted an image of the message. That is how Zodiac got solved back in the 70's -- they published it in the paper.

    A secret Second World War message found attached to the leg of a dead pigeon has left code-breakers flummoxed.

    The code, hand-written on a sheet of paper headed Pigeon Service, was found in a small red canister attached to the bird's leg bone.

    Experts from UK intelligence agency GCHQ were alerted to the message by David Martin, who found the pigeon's skeleton up the chimney at his home in Bletchingley, Surrey, whilst he was renovating.

    But GCHQ have said the message, which has 27 five-letter code groups, is impossible to crack without its code book....

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    Very cool.

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    oooh... I'd love to play with it but I have a feeling that even if I did decode it I wouldn't know because I'd have no clue what type of thing they were trying to send!
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    Holy Shit, I'm pretty much sure I can read this and it says that the world is run by a secret cabal of lizards who worship an owl God and use free masonry as a front!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    That is how Zodiac got solved back in the 70's -- they published it in the paper.
    The zodiac's very first cipher was cracked, but his most famous, 340-character cipher has yet to be deciphered.

    Interesting article.

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