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Thread: how motivated are you to clean?

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    Depends on what to clean: the car, myself or the house
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    It seems like neither a chore nor something happy and pleasing. It feels similar to brushing my teeth, brushing my hair, or anything of that nature.

    I put it as a priority in my daily life, and make no bigger of a deal out of it than that. It takes but a few moments a day if you set yourself up for success with it. Larger chores (like cleaning out a closet) can be refreshing in the right mindset.. Cleaning gear up after a camping trip feels a bit like an obligation since you came from doing something fun to ending it. But otherwise there isn't much thought either way.

    One of the signs that I am exhausted/stressed/overworked/depressed (in a temporary, sad way.. not in the disorder way.) is if I start to neglect things like this. It is an immediate sign that something is wrong.
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    Not motivated most of the time. Occasionally I will freak out and frantically clean. The rest of the time I ignore most of it. Except the toilet. For some reason I don't like the toilet being dirty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post
    I'm not unless i'm cooking than i have to clean the kitchen before i can cook. it looks like a hurricane went through so i'm procrastinating. I hate cleaning so i usually just let things hit nuclear.

    I wanted a poll but it was a dickhead and wouldn't load the poll option thingy.

    very motivated
    not motivated
    motivated because i don't want a disease
    motivated because i'd be embarrased if someone came over and it wasn't clean
    Number 3.

    No one ever comes over, and my approach is to make interacting with "stuff" as simple as possible. When things are too cluttered there is no way to find anything and it is an annoyance to try to move around and live. When things are spotless and hyper-organized, then it feels like too much effort for a petty result. I like to have toy boxes to throw half-worn clothes onto and into, and other organization where you can just throw everything of a type into a box or drawer. There gets to be a lot of clutter and junk mail can pile high on the table, so it is hard to keep up. I always aim for just enough cleaning to make life easiest.
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    not motivated
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