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Thread: How Do You Read?

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    I read fast, no skimming. Sometimes I will read a page over, in case I missed something.

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    I start with the first word and go from there.

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    Step one: Open eyes.

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    When I read a book for fun (which is not often), or when I read something interesting in a book that I'm required to read, I read slowly and really can picture what is going on (if I'm reading a fiction book) or really take in, understand, and remember the information (if its nonfiction).

    When I read books that I'm required to read in school, I speed read. I didn't actually know how to speed read until right before junior year, when I had to read 3 1000+ page books in about a week for AP US History, at which point I looked up how to read faster, found out what I was doing wrong (I used to read every word "out loud" in my head), and now I'm the fastest reader in my family (and my mom and older brother are really fast readers).

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    With my eyes.

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    Very, very slowly. My eyes scan across each line of the page in order, like a barcode scanner. If I feel that I rushed past some part of the sentence, I go back and do it again.

    Sometimes, I do get excited and jump ahead to a different paragraph on the page that's open and I get caught for a while reading that, but then I feel I must go back and make sure I covered everything that I skipped, to read it in order.
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    Get the gist or general principles/ideas of a paragraph, by whatever means, and move on. I don't remember details anyway, but concepts stick with me.

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    I'm not generally a speed reader, though I love to skim. I do pick out some important pieces (a few nouns and verbs generate a picture of what the author is getting at very quickly) so when it comes to news articles and such I usually just pick out some pieces and skim through it.. if something really interesting catches, I'll rewind and read in more detail, then continue to skim. I only memorize enough to put together a summary story and a title usually. I retain almost nothing of people's names, ages, locations, etc.

    I read at normal pace for information collection and general curiosity. If I google a topic like household cleaners, and I come across a blog with a lot of good recipes, I will just read the information once, bookmark it, and usually I am satisfied but I do not retain the information at all.

    Reading for pleasure I soak in every word. I am not fast at all when reading books for entertainment. I like to soak in the story, re-read a page I just read if it was particularly good, contemplate the relationships, etc. It gives me great joy. Whom ever I end up with they had better enjoy being told what is happening in a book because my favorite thing to do is talk about what JUST happened in the book and how I feel about it.

    Reading for study I am not fast. I skim it the first time. Then I look at the important points--the titles, the lists, the bold words, and diagrams. I take any notes I need. Then I read the page again, going through the paragraph, and I find that things flow easier and tend to stick much better when I know what is coming up along the page as I go. Sometimes I make up little ways to memorize the information right then and there, otherwise I write more notes and continue on. It is a lengthy process, about 15-30 minutes a page for biology-style textbooks, but I retain the information rather well and it doesn't feel like such a chore if you break it up into smaller pieces. Procrastination is not an option when it comes to studying.
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    I try read everything, sometimes going back some pages. Why read fast when you can stay round a bit longer?

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