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View Poll Results: Does feeling intimidated by certain posters limit your participation in threads?

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    48 59.26%
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Thread: Are you intimidated by other forum users?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amargith View Post
    as one of the people who has voted 'sometimes', I would like to say that Im fully taking responsibility for that vote. What I mean is, I know it is my choice to report things or not report them an live with the consequences my actions have. I am ok with that, as it teaches me how to navigate the world/people in a better way and how to deal with my own hurdles in life. It is however nice to know that the mods are there as a safety net in case I ever need it.
    That's kind of how I view it. Just because I don't get along with someone or find it hard to interact with them doesn't necessarily mean they've done something wrong or "infractable," so typically I just take steps to avoid situations I personally don't deal well with. I would only report clear violations of FAQ whether or not I'm even involved.

    But it's not all about aggression, there's also "intimidation" via over-engagement. There's a few posters who basically just will latch onto a topic and not let go, following you to your Wall and to your reps if you even quit the thread, and just not let a disagreement die. Do I really want to open myself up for that kind of dogged badgering if I really only wanted to invest a post or two in a topic? The reality is my energy is going to other areas of my life right now and I don't really come for laborious conversations, it's more of my blow-off space in general (although occasionally I'll invest in some deeper threads). So I have to think twice before engaging someone who follows that interaction pattern.
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    Back in 2001, I was bullied and abused for 5 months because I had innocently identified myself as having Muslim parents.

    I recently looked up my old posts .. and I realized that I had been called everything from terrorist to whatever nasty word the guy could come up with and had started stalking all of my posts. Had no effect. And it was a sports team forum too :P

    If I can get through that and still continue posting on that forum for a year or two afterwards. I think this particular forum is like a gentle stroll in the park ..

    All ya'll are fairy-like unicorns that shoot rainbows through your mouths in comparison to the haters that came out post 9/11 :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfy View Post
    No, not intimidated. I don't really have the kind of style that drags me into battles though.
    Yeah same here. It is an internet forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by Salomé View Post
    Z would have us believe that forum users are effectively gagged by their fear of people like @andante and myself.

    I want to find out if this is true.
    In that kind of thread, it seems like the conversation gets too immense. Pages and pages of people picking each others' words apart. Sometimes typing something up is too much and doesn't seem worth it even.

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    @Salomé .. I think it would've been interesting had you broken down the poll based on types. It would've helped many people understand which types are more likely to feel intimidated and which are not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix View Post
    @Salomé .. I think it would've been interesting had you broken down the poll based on types. It would've helped many people understand which types are more likely to feel intimidated and which are not.
    I agree. It would be a bugger of a big poll though! Also wanted to make it as anonymous as poss. For obvious reasons. This is just to get a flavour of the general vibe. And I've certainly found it interesting/useful.

    Kind of disappointed no one has repped me yet to bugger off though.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
    Gosh, the world looks so small from up here on my high horse of menstruation.

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    I'm never too intimidated to post, but there have definitely been times when I've looked at a thread and opted not to say anything because I just don't have the stamina to participate in some of the bullshit that goes on around here. Certain factors can offset that inertia once in a while, but usually I just don't see any purpose in playing. Most of these overly heated threads (like the glut we've seen over the past week) are light on ideas and heavy on the intellectual kabuki. Who gives a fuck about any of it, really?

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    Not that I am intimidated.. more annoyed I would say.

    There are certain subjects where being a feeler just lends a certain amount of disrespect. I know it will be there, so I'd rather not deal with it at all instead of trying to put my thoughts into the thread. If they're going to be dismissed either way, then there isn't much of a point in posting. Same with male/female posts. My views are very different from many people who are damn sure that they know exactly x or y about all females. It's a disrespect that I feel, so I try to avoid it. It isn't aimed directly at me, I know that much.. but the disrespect is there whether it was intended for me or not. I don't really feel like I am some magical exception to everyone's standards and assumptions.

    I really just don't take childish posts and behavior seriously enough to bother reporting.. It isn't wrong per say, and sometimes I'd like to think its trolling instead of someone's actual reactions and behavior since it is sometimes hard to tell.. But I'll find it funny or boring and annoying and either way it isn't really enough motivation. I don't like gray areas in rules.. either my guy tells me "No. That's wrong." or I don't really bother with it.
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    Back as a forum youth I was truly intimidated, especially by Marm. I got over it. But I do avoid some discussions with certain people. For lack of a better way to categorize it, I've noticed there's a certain type of argument style that I mentally refer to as ISTP where the other person just latches on like a pitbull and repeats themselves until the other person gives up out of boredom. Then the other claims victory. I usually don't even bother. Those people also tend to attempt to shut down all opposing views on the thread.

    I suppose most of my posts tend to be pithy. But it just seems like such a waste of energy to explain myself to people, since others tend to have their minds up about the subject anyway.

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    I'm intimidated sometimes by INTJs and ENTPs because they are such devastating adversaries in arguments and they hold no punches with criticism!

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    No. I probably should be. I've learned what I'm capable of doing well and what I'm likely to make a mess of, though, and avoid the latter. No, I'm really too stubborn to be intimidated by anyone ever.

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