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Thread: What fictious characters remind you of you?

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    - Amelie Poulain
    - Jane Eyre
    - Elizabeth Bennett, Pride and Prejudice
    - Belle, Beauty and the Beast
    - Dr. Helen Magnus, Sanctuary

    To name a couple.


    “Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings -- always darker, emptier and simpler.”
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Anew Leaf


    Rapunzel from Tangled... the enthusiasm, obsession with floating lights, and the delight of having dreams. (also I used to have a pet chameleon just like Pascal. )

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    There really aren't all that many "me"s out there in popular fiction, especially in major enough roles to be remembered. But I'll try...

    -- Leonard, Big Bang Theory
    -- Fraa Erasmas, Anathem (Neal Stephenson novel)

    And for an extroverted superhero/prodigy version of me (I wish I were closer):
    -- Kvothe, Name of the Wind / Wise Man's Fear (Patrick Rothfuss novel)

    I tried to come up with more, and I rather thought I'd be able to... but I couldn't. There are a few that come close (Commander Data - STtnG, Geordi LaForge, same), but not quite, for various reasons. Your average shy-INTP isn't really all that notable from a major character perspective, I think.

    Of course... seeing myself in Fraa Erasmas and Kvothe is a large part of why I simply love both of those books. Makes them come alive in a way that other, even very good, books, just don't for me.

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    The Iron Giant


    I identify very strongly with Garrus Vakarian in the Mass Effect series.

    I'm not remotely the badass he is, but I identify with the way he expresses his values. The job becomes a cause.

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    I dont identify strongly with any single character but I do identify with what Raymond Chandler described as the archetypical hero in fiction:-

    "Down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid... He is the hero, he is everything. He must be a complete man and a common man and yet an unusual man. He must be, to use a rather weathered phrase, a man of honor, by instinct, by inevitability, without thought of it, and certainly without saying it. He must be the best man in his world and a good enough man for any world."

    - Chandler, Raymond

    I had conceived of this long before I actually read this quote and it has been something which I've always known somehow and myself always tried to be, from I was no age I remember being moved by ethical questions and considering the right and wrong of most or all things, being conscientious and conscious which has only grown with time.

    Although I have to say that Chandler puts its the best and also that the most important aspect of this quote is about going "down these mean streets... who is not himself mean", I had to learn that, I think that from my mid to late teens right into my twenties and possibly only in my late twenties or early thirties I had become pretty mean without fully realising it. There have been consequences to that and legacies with which I've got to live.

    I would love to be able to write fiction and be capable of characterising that journey in a character or the processes which Erich Fromm, whose books sort of became a channel of a thoughts which were unclear and only taking shape, described as people becomin hard hearted or the ways in which entropy of the personality happens when the natural channels are blocked some how.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saturned View Post
    Rapunzel from Tangled... the enthusiasm, obsession with floating lights, and the delight of having dreams. (also I used to have a pet chameleon just like Pascal. )
    Also: Auri from 'The Kingkiller Chronicle'.

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    Ellie Arroway (Contact):

    Ricky Fitts (American Beauty):

    I also feel some kinship with INFJs like Linden Avery (from "Chronicles of Thomas Covenant") and Tenar (from "The Tombs of Atuan") or INFPs (like Kitty Pryde from X-Men) or ENFJs (like Death of the Endless), but I don't feel like we're the same personality ... it's just I feel like I really GET them, there is a kinship and some shared traits there.
    "Hey Capa -- We're only stardust." ~ "Sunshine"

    “Pleasure to me is wonder—the unexplored, the unexpected, the thing that is hidden and the changeless thing that lurks behind superficial mutability. To trace the remote in the immediate; the eternal in the ephemeral; the past in the present; the infinite in the finite; these are to me the springs of delight and beauty.” ~ H.P. Lovecraft

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    The Iron Giant


    Quote Originally Posted by Ginkgo View Post
    Which one, Hook or Pan?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
    Which one, Hook or Pan?
    The alligator.

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