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Thread: Do you feel better with discussion or with internal analysis?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lexicon View Post
    For me personally, I tend to naturally prefer internal analysis & reflection to gain new insights, etc. Afterward, I may also look for additional information or perspectives on topics surrounding a problem or concern by discussing general ideas with someone. I don't naturally go to others to just flat-out discuss/analyze a problem. I'll disclose information about the problem if someone is curious, if I have it somewhat under control, but there's not always anything to take apart, in that sense, nor will I want to, in most cases.. I'll only share if someone wants the bare bones info, if it's relevant.. I'm not doing it for support/advice, I guess.. I've been looking after myself emotionally since I was very young, so it doesn't even cross my mind to discuss it with someone when I'm working on resolving it; just isn't how I'm built. Mh, again, all depends on the context of the situation and the people around, energy/stress levels...

    But yea- mostly I'll deal alone, huffing NiTi fumes til I reach some greater understanding, hah.
    Yeah.... this resonates with me.

    I will say though that when it comes to analyzing and trying to understand a particular relationship or personal issue that I'm struggling with, I have learned it's best to talk to trusted people to get some thoughts off my chest, and ask for any of their own thoughts/perspectives, if I'm spinning my wheels on my own. Sometimes they might say something that propels me in the right direction, or it becomes apparent via talking, and over time, what I should be focusing on. And, once I reach more solidity on whatever I'm struggling with, I'll then involve the person who is actually involved (if there is one), to share where I'm at, ask questions that I now know I need to ask (and didn't know before, as I hadn't honed in yet on the actual root thing yet), etc.
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    Internal Analysis for me.

    I do enjoy bouncing off thoughts on someone I trust/like(or well, almost anyone would do but when it's about something personal it's reserved for people I trust and like) if I am unsure about something.

    But it's still the internal analysis process that will eventually influence my feelings. Never another person directly.

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    @ title: neither affects feelings. My natural m.o. is discussing, which is tightly linked to extroversion, simply out of my preference for exchange and insight, not for deriving any sense of pleasantness.
    Quote Originally Posted by AffirmitiveAnxiety
    Do you come up with your own ideas or do others prompt you and you run with them?
    Both. There aren't any rules, the discussion can develop from either option, and have either party contribute, as is my preference.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phobik View Post
    @ title: neither affects feelings. My natural m.o. is discussing, which is tightly linked to extroversion, simply out of my preference for exchange and insight, not for deriving any sense of pleasantness.

    Both. There aren't any rules, the discussion can develop from either option, and have either party contribute, as is my preference.
    Thanks for the answer. But the motive is not necessarily to achieve a feeling of pleasantness, that is a byproduct of a solution to a problem or at least of getting it opened up. I was merely noticing a tendency of mine. Although I admit that the use of the word 'feel' in the title is misleading of course. But I could not think of a better word. Alleviation?

    Hmm this sounds confusing, of course it reflects my own confusion upon trying to convey something I cant quite understand myself.

    I suppose the point is that if there is a series of contentions within you as a person, for whatever reason and regardless of MBTI type and preferences, what methods are better for alleviating a problem?

    When I was younger my approach was more like @Lexicon's, im not sure why that has changed, but I no longer find solutions for myself the same way I used to.

    Usually I see that as a sign that im stuck in a rut and need to change something inside my own mind, but it's usually something that needs forcing.
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    Internal analysis.

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    Internal analysis. Talking has never made me feel better.
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    Internal analysis is great and all, but no plan survives first contact with the enemy.

    I would rather forge my ideas in the crucible of argument than pretend to bring the best final draft of my ideas to the discussion initially.
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    Internal analysis.
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    Internal analysis. The only things that really weigh on my mind are things I'd rather not share with most people.

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    Hm both. I like talking to my oldest younger sis, she is great for talking to and getting things in order especially if it's something kind of vague, it's all a lot more clear after talking to her.
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