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    I have a tendency to be too concise for most people when speaking. I don't expound on things very much, and the thing that makes me nervous is that I'm usually expected to expound or even embellish and pad things that would otherwise be simple.

    I never know what to say when people expect to be entertained out of nowhere somehow. When I know what I want to say I can say it, and I can deliver information that I find relevant. It's hard to not be prosaic when talking about something that I don't necessarily want to talk about.

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    My next gig is without PowerPoint slides or notes of any kind. I don't jot down specifics (I can turn one word into a five-minute spiel), but I'll forget at least some of my good top-level points if I don't have a reference.

    My memory sucks

    So I'm going to write all of my general points down on my hand and make looking at my hand part of the 'act.' Perfect!

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    I read it "spanking in public"

    "We knew he was someone who had a tragic flaw, that's where his greatness came from"

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    With prepared speeches, I do pretty well. The first time I had to learn this was in the required high school speech class. For ME, what I learned was that for me to do well, I had to pretty much memorize my speech. I'd also practice in front of a mirror so that I was theoretically ok looking at a person / looking into someones' eyes. You'd be surprised how unpleasant it is giving a speech to yourself in a mirror. I think that helped me a lot earlier on.

    My next public-speaking thing was pretty heavy right out of college; leading 3-hour nature hikes for groups of 25+, giving many mini-talks throughout the hike. Then a second formal presentation using a slide show, that was 45 minutes in length. Again, to do WELL initially, I had to practice on my own and pretty much memorize everything. Once the initial 'format' was memorized, I was then able to more spontaneously deviate after I'd done it several times. Did those talks/presentations for about 3 months.

    Then a few years ago I did environmental ed for 3 months, giving 4 programs to elementary kids age K-3, 3-4 classes a day... 50+ kids in many of those classes, plus 10 teachers/chaperones watching in the back. Again, had to pretty much memorize everything to do WELL. After getting several classes under my belt I was able to be more spontaneous, mix things up, have various 'formats', if you will, depending on how 'good' the class was vs how unruly they were.

    Most recently, I've sort of been thrown to the wolves, and have had to start 'getting over' not being able to prepare for everything ahead of time. My job now involves regularly running business meetings and walkthroughs multiple times a week, some people on conference call, others in the room. I've learned real quickly how to run things more on the fly and in the moment. It's definitely not my preference, though, and I've just had to get over the fact that I come across like a bumbling incoherent person a certain % of the time. lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AffirmitiveAnxiety View Post
    What do you mean by Ti shadow? Anyone who has Ti also has Fe or vice versa anyone who has Fe also has Ti somewhere.

    Te would be a shadow there. Unless you meant something different by 'shadow Ti'.
    Ti as a fourth function. At any rate, you either are self-destructive or are overly other-oriented when it comes to public speaking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thursday View Post
    Ti as a fourth function. At any rate, you either are self-destructive or are overly other-oriented when it comes to public speaking.
    Well I generally do ok outwardly, I present well and speak well, but I seem to suffer from a PTSD issue afterwards and im trying to work out why. Most likely it is the combination of pressures and worries that combines into an unnecessary amount of nervousness on my part. In other words I can do it, but afterwards it has a caustic effect on me. Now many might say that's fine and not really an issue if you can get through it, which is a fair point. But I often find myself in positions where I have to speak publicly and I can rarely get out of them.

    I suppose I should have asked about techniques for after public speaking as well as before. I suppose it is an irrelevant issue really and hardly at the top of the list when it comes to real problems.

    As for Ti as a forth function, that depends upon what type you last knew me as. In any case a shadow function is one that is not part of the main 4...not the inferior or weakest.

    Quote Originally Posted by HelenOfTroy View Post
    I read it "spanking in public"

    That's my next thread!
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