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    Quote Originally Posted by SuchIrony View Post
    Actually quite a bit in my childhood. I was a socially awkward, easily frustrated child who had trouble expressing my feelings in a constructive manner. Way to go inferior Fe!! I have no idea how many times but at my worst I would hit someone once or twice a week. The majority of times, it was my parents but sometimes I'd hit my sister, my classmates and once or twice I even hit a friend.

    Yeah, I was so different back then compared to how I am now.

    I still hit my mom once about a year ago. I don't think she sustained any physical injury but I'm still really ashamed that I lost control when we got into a heated argument.
    Sounds identical to me.
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    Like all at once or what?

    Honestly I cant place a figure on this, also I'd need to know what qualified as hitting too, I've been in a lot of confrontations and probably stopped blows coming towards me more often than handed them out. I'm not really that happy hitting people but at the same time I realise its sometimes necessary.

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