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Thread: How many of these do you buy used?

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    I guess it's all subjective, am I writing this list as my present self or myself when I'm rich?

    Present jon - everything

    Rich jon - nothing

    Oh yeah, no used underwear, ever =/

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    I bought a Kenmore washing machine once for $40 that had a faulty lid switch. I went to an appliance parts store and bought a lid assembly switch for $22. It took 20 minutes to replace and it lasted almost 2 years.

    Sometimes you can find good deals buying used. I'm using an old Oster brand blender that I paid $10 for and I've had it over 2 years now. A lot of the time some people like to sell their stuff when it's on the verge of wearing out.

    Also bought a 36” Sony Trinitron TV for $50 a few years back from an old couple who were upgrading to a flat screen LCD. Never had any problems with it. I did look at the manufacturing date on it to see when it was made. I still remember it having MAR 2002 on the sticker.

    Most of the time I stay away from used electronic and household appliance items. It just depends on how much the seller is asking and how bad I need it.

    Sometimes you'll see someone post on Craigslist flaming someone else because they were sold something that didn't work. These items above that I bought all came out of nice upper class neighborhoods. I bought my 86' Toyota truck off ebay, it had a cracked piston but I had plans on putting a new engine in it anyway so that didn't matter to me and 3 weeks after I bought it I replaced the engine with a new one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edgar View Post
    What kind of idiot would buy a prostitute? Prostitutes are strictly for renting. That's the whole point of going to a prostitute.
    the purchase is for their time & services. dont dehumanize the sluts.

    Quote Originally Posted by jontherobot View Post
    Oh yeah, no used underwear, ever =/
    sounds like a challenge to me!
    Oh, its

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    Cool Le Flâneur

    I buy used suits.

    I have found where all the expensive suits go to die and it is in opportunity shop in an upmarket neighbourhood.

    So all my suits are from Saville Row.

    And so I am an boulevardier one day and a flâneur the next in my elegant suits.

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