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    Default Travel topic: How do you act?

    Hello! I was wondering... Does some types enjoy more traveling than others? How each type acts regarding this topic?

    I'm always planning a trip (schedules included, of course). I love to travel, discovering new places, meeting new people and cultures. I also like risky outdoors sports, and doing all kind of things that I can't be doing when I'm at work or at college. (I'm ENTJ)

    Some of my friends want "relaxed and doing nothing vacations" and sometimes it's hard to agree on destinations with them. My best friend INTP loves to travel as well, but she's gets annoyed with me because I always want to be doing something.

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    I dislike travelling. It's lots of effort, I have to organise things, and I dislike living out of a suitcase. Booking transport is the most overrated activity ever, I can't schedule or organise or be on time for toffee, which makes the whole business stressful. I have a crap sense of direction even in places I know, so I always get lost. I'm afraid of screwing up socially, and meeting new people is scary, and I hate looking clueless, so going somewhere I don't speak the language is stressful. I burn and get headaches in the sun, don't want a tan, and am too lazy for active holidays.

    I do like getting to see awesome old mediaeval cities and things though. Generally I do enjoy it once I'm there, but getting there puts me off. I think I'd enjoy it a lot more if someone else just took charge of all that stuff for me.
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    I'm similar, Yami. I love travelling, especially when there's an outdoors and/or cultural element to it. I generally enjoy rather fast-paced vacations, aswell.

    On the other hand, I'm really not a fan of long flights and/or flights in general - not due to an inherent fear, rather due to the large amount of limitations someone is subject to during a flight i.e. maximum kgs, limited space for sporting equipment and so on. So, I generally prefer to take a vacation in a relatively near place - say, 3-4 hours of flight max.
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    I prefer fast-paced traveling too although I am dying to go to bora bora which is a place where you just relax.

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    I enjoy traveling. I just hate feeling like I'm glued to an itinerary... Which is what made my vacation with my aunt so un-enjoyable. We couldn't enjoy any of the activities, because she was constantly pushing us through them so we could get to the next one. It was the most stressful vacation I've ever been on. When I'm on vacation, I research things to do in the area in advance... And then when I get there, I like to decide daily what to try and do that day. That way I don't feel pressured to rush through anything for fear of not making it to the next destination on time.

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    I like to just sort of explore the place without any pressure to see or do a bunch of things. I'd kinda prefer to just have more of a locals experience.
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    Oh I love travelling. I dislike shopping when I travel.

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    I love travelling. Planes or driving. Just let me drive, most of the time.

    I like having a set destination, and perhaps a general idea of the location of one thing in the area- the public library. Nerdly as it is, I'll admit- it's home, everywhere I wander.

    On short trips, I've stopped off at public libraries along the way, to get a break, look up anything that may have come to mind, check out any local interesting things posted. It's usually in the main area of the city/town, so I get to take in a lot. I have a couple guest library cards attached to my keys, now, haha. I suppose they count as my souvenirs.

    Most historic places/tourist attractions don't catch my interest, unless it's something nature-related, like a mountain I can climb, or cave, etc.

    In fact, I'd prefer to go on a road trip looking for/at some of the country's worst tourist traps- like Largest Ball of Twine, etc.

    I'd also like to go on a road trip that hit all the most epic amusement parks.

    Most of my travel buddies over the years have been IxTP, so they've probably influenced this particular J's more tentative approach to planning.

    I also like adventuring completely alone. With a friend is great, but I feel like I'm missing something, sometimes, when distracted by company. I could also say the same for traveling alone- some experiences are better, shared [like my amusement park hopping idea- that'd suck to go on alone].
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    Love to travel. I enjoy pretty much any "type" of travel... super active or just laid back and relaxing. Sometimes it just depends on where I am. When I was in Costa Rica, I was really active and wanted to see/do everything. When I take a trip to my family's cabin, I just like to curl up and read/watch movies.
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    I like to take it very easy... was in Paris for a few days with friends a couple of years ago. I didn't understand why/how they'd try to go to a million places in a day and they didn't understand why I'd want to sit for three hours at an outdoor cafe watching Parisians float by or spend an entire evening just walking around 'boring', non-touristy parts of the city. I conveniently 'lost them' in the throngs at the Eiffel tower one day and spent the rest of the day on my own doing what I wanted to. I recently drove down to Mombasa for five days with a pal and we spent the entire time cooking and reading in our rented apartment or lounging by the pool. I do plenty of research before I visit a particular destination but enjoy a 'no pressure, no itinerary, just take each day as it comes' traveling experience. Do what you want to, when you feel like it. Spend half the day at some museum if I want to or go parasailing at the spur of the moment, without having to put it to a vote. I feel traveling should be very relaxed. This is why I love traveling by myself or with one or two other kindred spirits, at most.


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