I was lying in bed with the Ti gears turning and the Ne fuel burning, and that's when I thought up this game for coming up with random associations. It can be done on your own or with a friend or with a forum member. It goes like this.
  1. Think of an object.
  2. Think of a general category that object would be in.
  3. Think of an unrelated general category.
  4. Think of an object from the second category.
  5. Imagine how the two objects would interact together.

O1: Computer
C1: Electronics
C2: Food
O2: Cake batter
I: A computer drowning in cake batter.

O1: Shirt
C1: Clothing
C2: Instruments
O2: Guitar
I: Put a shirt on a guitar. For some reason this idea is oddly appealing.

This can be turned into a two person game by having the first person pick the first object and name its category. The second person can then come up with the second category and object. Then we can all ponder the strange possibilities of these two unrelated objects together.

This is currently untested as a group game, but I find it pretty amusing doing it in my own head. Somebody start us off by naming an object, and its category.