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Thread: What makes you un-likeable?

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    Probably the same qualities that some fiind likeable.
    "We knew he was someone who had a tragic flaw, that's where his greatness came from"

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    Probably my aggressive, speak what I think and not give a shit what you think attitude.

    Also I have a knack of letting people know I don't like them.
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    I come across as if I treat life like a big joke - a big game - and I think more serious people really find that offensive and annoying. And I guess some people may find my incessant energy irritating. Sometimes I don't know when to shut up and/or take things too far.

    I can also be lazy, avoidant, insensitive and messy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YWIR View Post
    I can be a little bit of a bitch, stubborn, and insensitive. Mostly insensitive.
    This post actually belongs in the other thread.

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    • IRL, I don't engage sometimes and people don't understand where I'm coming from. I also can seem disinterested in things they consider important.
    • I can laugh / not be bothered at things that for some people are very important and personal issues.
    • I can be non-committal and wait until the last possible moment to make a decision.
    • I have this "rational" thing going where I don't just trust people because I like them, I need to understand their reasoning before buying into what they want to do.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    I'm an authority figure and most people hate authority and authority figures, including most authoritarians.

    I possess moral clarity, certainty and principled assurity, people hate those things, they prefer doubts, indecision and ambivalence. No one likes to nail their colours to the mast and in my experience are prepared to hate those that do.

    Besides that there's the usual business of projection going on, ego or personality struggles and clashes. Nothing too sophisticated about that.
    So it's all their fault. Sweet.

    food for thought: I just read the rest of this thread and pretty much every other post makes an effort to present the dislike fairly, rather than just blaming the dislike on the weakness of their critics' characters. Self-improvement must be difficult when any criticism must be invalid to start with, but I guess if you're perfect to start with, it doesn't matter...
    "Hey Capa -- We're only stardust." ~ "Sunshine"

    “Pleasure to me is wonder—the unexplored, the unexpected, the thing that is hidden and the changeless thing that lurks behind superficial mutability. To trace the remote in the immediate; the eternal in the ephemeral; the past in the present; the infinite in the finite; these are to me the springs of delight and beauty.” ~ H.P. Lovecraft

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    Just an observation--not meant to derail thread or be taken too seriously:
    Comparing this thread to the likeable thread, it seems to me that more people are having an easier time coming up with what is unlikeable about themselves than what is likeable. That makes me sad. Is it more acceptable to list our faults than our virtues (no tooting your own horn)? Or perhaps it's that people are usually more vocal about what they don't like about us than what they do, so we have a clearer picture of our faults? I have to say that I have a much clearer picture of what makes me unlikeable than I do of what makes me likeable.

    /way too serious observation
    Johari / Nohari

    “That we are capable only of being what we are remains our unforgivable sin.” ― Gene Wolfe

    reminder to self: "That YOU that you are so proud of is a story woven together by your interpreter module to account for as much of your behavior as it can incorporate, and it denies or rationalizes the rest." "Who's in Charge? Free Will and the Science of the Brain" by Michael S. Gazzaniga

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    • I'm boring
    • I tend to not participate in conversations (be invisible), or talk too much (blather on about things others don't care about)
    • I'm socially clumsy

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    i'm not terribly excited about being alive and genuinely dislike 90% of the people in the world.

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    ^Hahaha! +1 (make it 99%)

    People find me intimidating (apparently).
    I'm highly critical and intolerant/incapable of bullshit.
    I don't suffer fools gladly. (A teacher wrote that about me when I was 5)

    INTPs are overrepresented in this thread.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
    Gosh, the world looks so small from up here on my high horse of menstruation.

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    I turn people in to the secret police
    "Man is free, but his freedom ceases when he has no faith in it."

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