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Thread: What Can You Finally Look Back and Laugh At?

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    Default What Can You Finally Look Back and Laugh At?

    I just posted this at a baseball forum, and thought it would be an interesting idea for a thread, so here's my story:

    I was caught by the hidden ball trick during middle was probably quite funny for everyone else in the park.

    Heh. I was one of those little speedsters who would get on base by hook or by crook (largely by walks or infield hits), then steal all the way to home. I never got thrown out, and I never even had to lead off, so instead I would torment the opposing pitcher by taking just a couple of steps, and do the 'walk like an Egyptian' dance instead. They never picked me off, of course, and every time they tried, with anger and hostility burning in their eyes, I would simply laugh and do it again. And then again after stealing base.

    That's when one of the opposing managers finally had enough and decided to teach me some humility (I had forgotten it was even legal!)-I was quite a bit more subdued after that, even trying not to cry in shock and humiliation after trudging back to to the bench, my teamates trying (unsuccessfully) not to laugh.

    But I STILL never got thrown that year!

    It took 20 years, but apparently I can finally look back at the incident and laugh.

    Anyone else?

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    how stupid i was a year ago. and this post a year from now.

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