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    Default What are the hardest questions about your own personality?

    Being a typology site, I imagine nearly all of us have answered a ton of questions about our personality, many of them repeated over and over again. In this process, you've probably found some questions much harder to answer than others. What were the hardest for you?

    I'll go ahead with my own top 3.

    Are you emotional?

    They turn on and off so dramatically that I don't know. Input from others only confuses things further. I don't even know where to start.

    Are you competitive?

    That really depends. Does the question mean competitive vs cooperative? In that case I'd say I'm about even leaning toward cooperative. If the question asks if I feel competitive impulses as opposed to not, then it's definitely a yes, I feel competitive often. If the question is asking if I get involved in competition often, then it's definitely no, because I avoid competition due to the assumption that I will always lose. So how is a yes/no/maybe supposed to encompass that?

    Are you organized/structured?

    The answer to this is exactly opposite based on one contextual factor. If I'm doing something in the service of someone else, the answer is strongly positive. If I'm doing something just for me, the answer is strongly negative. I don't know how the average of that works out.

    Now you go ahead.
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    Are you sensitive?
    Because I tend towards being gentle in my interactions with people irl, and because I've been told I have an expressive face, outside people see me as sensitive except on some bizarre rare occasions. The real me is could not be defined quite in that way. In some ways I find myself consistently far less sensitive than most people I interact with. I don't put up anything that resembles a tough front, but there is a way I'm more resilient than most. It's a point of continual confusion in my interface with the world. All of the external trappings that define a level of sensitivity seem irrelevant to me. There is a kind of core toughness that doesn't seem to have much correlation with externally defined sensitivity or toughness.

    Are you emotional?

    I'll go with this one from the OP because it is also a difficult one to pin down for myself. Yes, I can feel deeply and value empathy and can express emotions through creative endeavors. In conventional ways I am far less emotional than most people, I think. Once again at a core level I don't take anything personally. I can get upset over an attack, but underneath it I end up realizing that in conflict both people form internal constructs of who the other person is and what they are saying. An actual encounter between people where they comprehend each other is incredibly rare. Even when it does occur, it can be intermingled with moments of blindness that are at their core separate from you. There is a natural internal distance in me that observes conflict and can even observe my own emotional response without itself being enveloped in that emotion. I guess my own emotions can look and feel similar to an external person's emotions. Empathy for myself is similar to my empathy for other people which makes it stronger on average for them and possibly weaker than average for myself.

    Are you easily offended?
    This question came up from a high strung colleague who was concerned about offending me. I get strongly offended by systems and destructive trends, but not by individuals. I see people as just reactionary creatures that are molded by these larger systems, and so it doesn't make sense to be offended by an individual who is subject to this larger problem. This keeps me from disliking people who are generally feared or hated. The actual destructive systems can make me sick if I have to function in them, but I don't tend to blame individuals or feel offended. I have to make an effort not to offend others whose assumption is to take rejection of a system as a personal attack. Most don't separate those two processes.

    There are some other things that form some tension between me and the conventional outside world, because on many issues I find my thought processes based on very different assumptions from the "norm".
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    The emotional one is hard for me also. Ultimately, yes, I am an emotional human. I can be passionate, temperamental, romantic, expressive, etc. But I can also be non-emotive, dismissive of emotions in myself & others, and I can have a habit of intellectualizing emotions because I want everything to make sense. I feel a sense of being at odds with myself when I can't beat an emotion into submission to my rational thought or I can't harmonize them. It's the whole "heart vs head" thing.
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    One thing a teacher asked my friend when in school, he came to us furious about something stupid(that we didnt realize would even piss someone off) and yelled something that could be translated to about "what man are you?". Both of us went silent for a second and were like (and wondering how the hell should that be answered)before my friend asked "what?", teacher asked the guestion again even more furious and never got an answer to his question. Its still a mystery to me how to answer this sort of a question about myself..
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    I hate when people ask me favorite questions out of the blue. Like what's your favorite color or what's your favorite movie or favorite ice cream. I usually like more than one.

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    I think that the "What do you really want?" one is hard for me, since I have no idea what my options will be in the future...

    Also, the "What advice would you give..." one always stumps me a bit.
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    Are you emotional?
    With me this is so context specific that I don't know how to answer. I can be warm and emotional at one point, and then turn around and end up acting like Rei Ayanami (for those of you that understand that analogy).

    Are you passive or aggressive?
    Don't see this one as often, but it's just as difficult. I'm passive to a point, then I just snap and become very aggressive.

    Do you make decisions using thoughts or feelings?
    I use both... Which may be part of the reason I'm so indecisive, seeing as how they often conflict with each other.

    I could probably come up with more if I took the time to think about it. Questions like these are part of the reason I have difficulty settling on a type at all...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viridian View Post
    I think that the "What do you really want?" one is hard for me, since I have no idea what my options will be in the future...

    Also, the "What advice would you give..." one always stumps me a bit.
    I'm the same way.
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    I have more but questions that ask about me being able to read other's emotions are hard to answer.

    I feel that I can read people very well as I observe and listen. I have been called empathetic. I score consistently high on the facial emotion tests.

    I have a blind spot on determining how they feel about me though. I can't tell if they like me and can get insecure and back off too fast. So on a more personal level, I just don't know if I am good or bad at reading other's emotions.
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    are you sure?

    no... I'm really not sure of anything at all... don't confuse me by asking that when I've put forth the effort to come up with an answer! Fine! answer them for me if you're so brilliant
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