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Thread: Happy St George's Day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geoff View Post
    Thanks all!

    Bear in mind, we don't have Independence Day*, Storming the Bastille Day, Presidents Day, Empire Day (or Australia, Canada Day as it has become in the respective countries) etc. In short, we don't have any national celebrations at all. So it wouldn't hurt to remember being English once a year.

    *seeing as we lost, that isn't surprising.
    What about Guy Fawkes Day? Is it celebrated widely?

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    Quote Originally Posted by heart View Post
    What about Guy Fawkes Day? Is it celebrated widely?
    Oh, yes! It celebrates, as I expect you know, the defeat of a plot to blow up parliament.

    So.. we tend to have a lot of fireworks, and people burn effigies of Guy, and have bonfires.

    I suspect it fits in some way into the old midwinter's festival. There's certainly an element of it in many of us standing in front of a roaring bonfire in cold, wet November. It echoes the midwinter burnings of old to encourage the Sun to return.

    It isn't a public holiday though.

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