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Thread: Live from the middle east...

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    The Middle East has always seemed like a fascinating place to me. I hope to travel there one day.
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    Exactly what kind of perceptions do they have about Americans over there?
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Third Rider View Post
    Exactly what kind of perceptions do they have about Americans over there?
    It varies, like in the US. They get a lot of disinformation about us just as we get a lot of disinformation about them. There's definitely some distrust among the very many that have never met an American, but there's also a lot of curiosity about us. Maybe it's like poking at a poisonous spider with a stick, then they find out that we're human and reality sets in. I don't think they generally realize that there's so much variety in the opinions of Americans, just as we clearly don't understand when we look at them at a long distance.

    The media seems to love to make people hate each-other. I guess they must make money through it, because they're nothing like the media and so-forth shows. We (the people here and in the US) only see the extremists mentioned in the media, so we all believe the other is nothing but crazy extremists.

    There was a really cool article by a Saudi that went to the US for a visit. Seeing his perspective on us is really interesting:
    Journey Into America
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    That article was great, Wolf. I bookmarked it to make sure I can follow the subsequent installments.
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