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View Poll Results: How confident you are that you got your mbti type right?

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    56 62.22%
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    14 15.56%
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    7 7.78%
  • Less than 50%

    4 4.44%
  • My only doubt is the I/E part.

    7 7.78%
  • No idea, bro.

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  • How does this % thing work?

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Thread: How confident you are that you got your mbti type right?

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    I'm 100% certain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfy View Post
    I'm 100% certain.
    ... You sure you're a kiwi? You might be a peach. Both are fuzzy...
    I don't see any invisible treasure chests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfy View Post
    I'm 100% certain.
    you always struck me as more of a starfruit though....
    06/13 10:51:03 five sounds: you!!!
    06/13 10:51:08 shortnsweet: no you!!
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    06/13 10:51:23 five sounds: oh hell naw
    06/13 10:51:55 shortnsweet: !!!!
    06/13 10:51:57 shortnsweet: (cries)
    06/13 10:52:19 RiftsWRX: You two are like furbies stuck in a shoe box

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    My Johari
    by sns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qlip View Post
    This is a difficult question to answer for me. I suppose I had to step away from myself and take note of the types of things I take note of. Something that 'pings' on my radar is something that doesn't fit in the normal established patterns. When I regard something, I don't take in the object as it's own thing, instead I place it in relation to a web of other ideas and objects, their interconnectedness.
    Interesting, thanks.
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    So strychnine is all good.
    It's Godly and righteous,
    So eat it, you should.
    Who are you to refuse nature's will?

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    Is it strange that my INFP brother has talked more than me for the last 7 days? For some reason, I am still convinced that I am eNFJ. LOL

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    100% confident but it didn't start out that way

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