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View Poll Results: Would you buy/rent a home with a sordid or violent history?

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    I don't believe I would. Some of the problem would be me trying to imagine what exactly happened, where and how. The other part might be the idea there might be objects related to the incident left in the house hidden somewhere.

    I usually don't concern myself with the possibility of the paranormal, even though I have reason to. As a teenager, my uncle, a police officer, sold us his house. His second wife had comitted suicide in it with his gun. There was a very strange incident one night when I was alone, where a toothbrush flew about 5ft across the bathroom and into the tub. I didn't see the toothbrush's origin of trajectory, but I couldn't account for any way the toothbrush could get enough kinetic energy to do that. But, it didn't freak me out. Is the ghost going to pelt me to death with very slow velocity light weight objects?

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    That would be a total no for me. Maybe it's just my imagination, but I've always been sensitive to energies of places. The two places in which I've lived for long term and from which I seem to have acquired my worst memories (in form of fairly regular panic attacks, sleepless nights, nightmares and other not so pleasant experiences) have had a questionable history. The first one was an apartments' house which I later learnt was built in a place of old prison. The second house, about which I have no real evidence, just has this feel that it's ''built on bones''. The only explanation that could come to my mind is that around this area they had a front line and some really serious battles during WW2, but apart from the old bunkers and places that resemble trenches in the nearby forest, there's no real evidence of torture, death or whatsoever.
    Oh yeah?

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    Yes, especially if I could get it for cheap.

    My only worry would be that my house would become a tourist trap for people who wanted to drive by the house where such-and-such a murder took place. If that were the case, I would be halfway tempted to commit more murders so that I may be left alone. This would then perpetuate the overall stigma behind the house, I guess.

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    Not superstitious but no, my imagination would get to me since the house would be a constant reminder of terrible deeds.

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    No way. I would be haunted by it day-in and day-out.

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