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Thread: Your Top 10 Hate Characters

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    Kate (from Lost): She always pissed me off with her indicisive ways.
    Harry (from Harry Potter): I feel like he started a lot of unneeded crap.
    Batman (New movies): Too depressed and angsty. What the hell is up with the voice?
    Superman: Too...perfect. Ick.
    Any female character that acts she doesn't like the male character when it's obvious she does. Stop your lies!! (Just about every romantic comedy)
    Family Guy: Everyone on that show is gross.
    Kat (The Hunger Games movie): Why are you crying in the same place that the enemies tied your friend up?! You're looking to die. Sure, you're playing a game to the death, but lighten up will ya?
    All the kids that stop the Trix rabbit from eating his fricken Trix cereal!
    Steve Urkel (Family Matters): Must I even explain? Ugh.
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    Can't think of anyone. Wormtongue and the Orcs were pretty gross looking but I don't think that qualifies as hate.

    There are a very small number of people IRL that I've known that I dislike a great deal.

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    I wanna kill Burke in ALIENS!!!!!!!!!! daamn hes slick and all that.

    Great actor i guess.
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    Most of the breaking bad characters but I like Saul, Walt, Jesse, Gus. I really don't see point of Walt Jr., TBH.

    Flight of the Conchords irritated the crap out of me.

    7th Heaven- Annie

    A lot of characters from Kdrama but it's entertaining to me nonetheless

    Jonah Hill's character from Kickass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Poriferan View Post
    I'll just add in here that I, too, badly wanted Tom to eat Jerry.

    Guy killed someone in a car accident in northern ireland you know and walked away scot free.

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    I surprise myself by being unable to think of anyone. At least right away.

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    I have a really hard time remembering hatred. It is usually a very fleeting reaction.

    On top of that, even with the truly evil characters, they either seem too abstract and artificial to get me to hate them (e.g. The Joker), or have enough depth to them that I feel more pity towards them (e.g. Two Face).

    On top of that, I have a hard time remembering character's names, let alone those characters that are used mainly as plot devices (the examples of characters I felt hatred towards usually fall in this category).

    So I have to do some google searching to find the names of the characters I hated:
    1) The Mattress Man in Punch Drunk Love

    2) Big Brother in 1984

    hmm... I am having a lot more trouble with this than I anticipated.

    On the other hand, there is a much longer list of characters I believe the stories they were in could have done without, could have been much more well written, or had a much better performance from the actor/actress playing him/her...these were the characters that made me go "ugh".
    1. Jar Jar Binks
    2. Daniel Tosh (at least I hope he is playing a character version of himself)
    3. The main character on Burn Notice
    4. The guy on CSI:Miami, Horatio
    5. Any character I have ever seen Marina Sirtis play
    6. Wesley Crusher
    7. Neo, Morphius, Trinity ... pretty much any character in that movie series
    8. Daisy Wick on Bones (The whole show is cast of cliches, but the assistants are the worst, and Ms. Wick is the worst of the worst). I catch episodes once in a while, because sometimes the mystery portion of the show is OK...but the characters suck.
    9. Barry Badrinath (I generally don't like it when directors cast themselves, and Beerfest sucked anyways. Interestingly, I really liked Supertroopers, and Arcot "Thorny" Ramathorn.)
    10. Janice Litman on Friends (though I suppose she was written to be annoying)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riva View Post

    Don Draper - Mad Men
    Draper is pretty dickish (he's softened somewhat by the fact that he's standing next to Pete Campbell and January Jones, who are the fucking worse, and at least a few other folks who are as bad as he is). It seems to be a theme with AMC shows: I don't know how anyone can find what Walter White has become anything but terrible and narcissistic.

    The actors Jon Hamm and Bryan Cranston, however, always seem to me like the most criminally likable people on earth.
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    I thought about this and I think the reason I dont have a preprepared list which springs to mind is that I dont care enough, hate is probably second only to love, or maybe greater than love depending on who you are and what sort of live you've lived, in terms of the focus, attention and obsession it can give rise to in people.

    There's a lot of people who've wronged me and lots of characters from fiction and media which I think are reprehensible, usually for the same reasons being authoritarian, blinkered/myopic, self-righteous, selfish, exhibiting piss poor self insight, reveling in power or the subjugation, domination or suffering of others, but I dont actively think about them that much. I tend to try and think about other things if it ever does enter into my think for long enough but it seldom does.

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