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Thread: do you go by a nickname

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    My name is short but so common here that some people rather call me by my main online nickname (not Rasofy). Good thing is I got to choose! That's kinda rare.

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    Yes because my real name can be said in a variety of ways. People would say it without asking me if I pronounced it that way or not...ugh.

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    People often call me by my surname instead of my given name. I don't really know why, it just seems to happen. In junior high it made sense because there were a couple of other boys who had the same given name. It carried on through high school because many of my classmates knew me from junior high. In university... well, I guess in university it wasn't all that prevalent anymore, but when I started working it became prevalent again for no obvious reason to me. It's not as though my given name is particularly long or difficult to pronounce. In fact my given name is quite short, almost half as long as my surname.

    Even now several friends and colleagues address me colloquially by my last name. If they were to speak of me to someone else they'd use my first name, but between us it's usually my last name.

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    No, not outside of being online. I go by my first name. I played a game online and was given the nickname Poki because I liked to use my middle name but it wasnt very easy to spell as quickly...Pomaika'i
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