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Thread: Wow this is painful to watch

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    Anew Leaf


    He's the wil wheaten of the star wars saga.

    I'd be angsty too.

    I also found the interviewer obnoxious as well. Jakes inflections in some of his answers were hilarious. I'm sure the interviewer meant well, but I could relate to the kids defensiveness. I don't like ultra fake cheerful people coming at me either.

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    There was nothing wrong with the interviewer. Jake Lloyd is just keenly aware of the fact that he is "that annoying kid who helped ruin Star Wars", so he is always on the defensive.
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    Yeah, the interviewer does get a little annoying at times...

    The faux excitedness, the chick questions, the bit about child stars and drugs...

    Oh, and you can't forget that obnoxious Aussie accent...

    kidding! jeez...
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    Yeah both were a bit obnoxious.... lol I think I just focused a bit too much on what I perceived as Jake having a big stick up his behind (one of my biggest pet peeves)...

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