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Thread: What would your perfect day be like?

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    Default What would your perfect day be like?

    Here's mine:

    On my perfect day, I would go to a beautiful tropical island with a friend, and we would spend the first half of the day having a blast at an amusement park. Then we would spend the second half of the day at a nice tropical resort, just chilling and doing whatever we feel like doing. No obligations, no worries, just pure fun and relaxation. Ooh, and there should be kittens. :P It doesn't have to make sense.
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    I'd save someone's life. Take a bike ride. Be right about everything. Eat a perfectly ripe peach. Write the best song in the world. Find the perfect drinking fountain. I'm sure there'd be a smattering of interactions with friends and family involved.
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    It would involve outer space, solving lots of really hard physics problems and good sex.

    Yeah, ok, and good friends. And lots of salad.
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    Morning - painting and/or playing guitar
    Afternoon - long hike with my closest loved ones
    Evening - a cookout with friends. Dogs. Frisbees. Little kids.

    What I like most about this day...
    being artsy/creative, being connected to nature and to others, feeling natural and relaxed. :-)

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    I'd write a little, take the dog outside for a 2 hour walk in sunshine managing to do that without thinking negative thoughts I have about my life and of some people in it. And when my family comes home we'd play some boardgames and the kids wouldn't complain when losing. And most of all, I would be fully content with who and what I am.

    Oh wow, I'm actually quite close to that...
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    A day of watching Youtube or Netflix and not having to do anything.
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    Fun and games with a decent sized group of my friends including things like laser tag, an energenic concert, big dinner out, and some impromtu adventures in the wilderness, complete with a nerf war.
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    ha no but seriously... hm...

    Ok my perfect day would start with eggs and some hash browns maybe?

    Then me and other people (could be friends, family, BF, whatever, just cool ones, that I like and care about, who are fun and interesting) go do something super fun and exertional and outdoorsy. Ski. Hike. Swim/board in the river/ocean. We stop briefly for a simple lunch and probably a small nap in the sun. We keep going until we are tired. Good conversation and good honest fun in this beautiful, amazing playground of a world.

    We head back home, thankfully we somehow have a bus and bus driver (!!) so we can sleep and/or sip some beers/whatnot en route. Have a tasty dinner (Chinese food? not a dealbreaker though), maybe soak in a hot tub or hot springs. Bundle up, sit by a camp fire just chit-chatting about life or whatever we feel like. Finally we head to bed, fall asleep so easily and so hard because we earned it.

    I've had some pretty nice days, and the day I describe above incorporates my favorite parts
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