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Thread: stuff that "grownups" should apparently know

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    When I see tidbits of advice like this, that I agree that people need to do as they grow up but that I haven't done yet, I add them to a 300+ item list on the to-do checklist app on my phone, and then inevitably forget about it. I've had this list on the app since maybe even high school.

    Occasionally, I remember to open up the list. Every time I do, there are at least a few things I can check off, which I had done just as part of life without even thinking about the list. It feels nice.
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    I had a moment like this. Realizing my driving license is going to expire this week and then realizing too late that the State offices are not open on Saturdays

    So I'm going to have to go ask for time off during the week to get it renewed.
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    90% of the time I enjoy doing things that involve adulting .

    Except when it involves finances.
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