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Thread: $4000 Bill for MRI / Dr. Appointment

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    yeah I still have a year left, but I'm getting too old to be on the insurance so nothing i can do.
    by @magpie

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    That is soooo effed up! I would ask your doctor if he could bill the insurance company diff. And then call your insurance company to see what the deal is! Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by INTP View Post
    im glad i dont live in USA
    That's really the only reasonable response to this.

    You know, that, and what Cze Cze's acquaintance said to the dentist. I'd do the same.
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    To the OP .. I'm lost for words so not much help .. I am sorry to hear of this situation .. Just the idea of being ill and having to pay such large amounts to get back to a healthy state so you can continue paying your taxes to help the very country that is bleeding you dry .. Sorry, being a non-American i find your medical services crazy.

    I think it's bad enough in Canada you get charged to take an ambulance to the hospital ..

    Quote Originally Posted by redcheerio View Post
    I've heard that in the UK, they charge the equivalent of about $600 - 800 for an MRI, but that's a different system.
    We have the National Health Service .. We don't pay (well technically you do via your taxes) unless you go private.

    Private is nice though .. And quick .. No waiting.
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    My dentist, who is a very nice, down-to-earth lady, told me that everyone should start a savings fund for dental and medical emergencies, because insurance rarely covers these fully (unless you have Kaiser in the West). I have heeded her advice and started a fund, but there's not enough in there yet to cover a whopper of a bill if I'm hit with one.

    ...Which reminds me, I need to get some tax advice on that. There are ways to write your medical expenses off on your taxes and get that money back, or to reduce your taxable income by the amount of the medical fund if you have one, but you have to follow the IRS rules closely. At least they give you the option to do that, unlike with auto insurance and auto expenses.

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    Another european who finds this ...... really odd.

    In my country it is possible to do tests and ask for opinions for free. But since the western companies and their logic are moving in I am sure that this will last.

    Also I went to the dentist not so long ago and the price was about 1.8 $.

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    Also in the future you can try to find a public interest dr. I have no health insurance my dr. Charges $20 A visit and I had an MRI for less than $900 (cash?) in San Jose,CA and some kind of radiograph (?) for less than $200 There is a market for uninsured healthcare if you look for it. Its still pricey but much less than what insurance is billed for and what a "regular" hospital will charge you. Also, did you know blood testing centers kick back up to 40% of their fees to the dr? Or that used to be the case with thecplace I used. My doctor wluld kick it back to me and give me a discount. And the endodontist I was referred to gave me a discount on his referral fee when I said I have no insurance.

    Theres the "insurance rate" and then theres the actual rate that medical/dental knows they are worth and that people can afford to pay. Ive gotten large discounts at the chiropractor as well by buying a package in cash and negotiating directly with the dr (omg sounds so Azn I know haha)

    However thats of future benefit to you. Right now negotiate directly with the referring doctor, hospital, and insurance co. Good Luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by redcheerio View Post
    There has to be a way to allow for the leading edge research without all the other ridiculous things that go on.
    there is.

    move some of the research to universities and have the universities be government institutes that get some extra funding from private sector, mainly from large companies, like nokia that can benefit from the research done in university with their fundings, but not in a way that university would do research directly to companies. in other words companies dont get patents for research done in uni, but can benefit from the patents/discoveries made, also they get educated people that they can hire for their own private research, since the universities can teach people to have higher standard education.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonnyboy View Post
    I'm really distressed about this...

    Aren't they meant to advise you if you are going to be paying out of pocket?

    Have you sought legal advice yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wanderer View Post
    Fight fight FIGHT.

    Unfortunately the devil is in the details. Get a lawyer and go over every sentence of your insurance agreement.
    I have a sinking feeling though, because some insurance companies are incredibly weaselly. [For example, I'm not allowed to go to the ER unless I call my primary health provider and obtain a referral first; doesn't matter if I'm unconscious and unable to call, or if the emergency is great enough that I can't wait 20 minutes on hold. If I didn't call ahead of time, the entire bill is mine. Non-negotiable. Hopefully your insurance isn't anything like mine.]

    If your insurance doesn't cover referrals, or if they classify the MRI as something that was not "medically necessary" then you're kinda screwed unless you have a doctor who's willing to testify that it was, in fact a medical necessity. No matter what you're looking at a lot of time on the phone and possibly a legal battle. Don't give in without a fight.
    Yes, fight. Insurance companies can be evil, but I don't know that the insurance company is the one to be fought here. The doctor was throwing out expensive MRI tests like free candy on the assumption that the insurance company would pick up the tab for his largess. If the doc can make the argument to the insurer that this was necessary, let him do it.
    In my experience, the minute you walk in, many health care providers see dollar signs and start racking up the tab with wild abandon, with an eye not so much towards medical necessity as justifiability. I've had them back down before when I contested the necessity of x-rays done and ended up not paying a cent.
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