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Thread: Setting goals

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    Default Setting goals

    How good are you at setting and sticking to goals?

    Do you keep a mental note or have post it notes dotted around your apartment?

    How often do you set yourself goals?

    Add anything further if you like

    I don't set myself too many goals as i usually quit part the way in (such as healthy eating, finishing a course, preparing a meal). In the workplace i can start and finish but in my personal life, I SUCK for the most part. I need to have flexibility at all times as i never know what may crop up yet i feel i can not continue like this as i'm becoming too disorganised and unfocussed.
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    About the closest I ever come to setting goals is "I'm going to do my homework sometime tonight, unless I really don't feel like it, in which case I'll procrastinate."

    So basically, I don't do goals. I've been kinda sorta teaching myself Japanese for the past four years, without ever having set a single goal. That's probably why I'm not nearly as far as I could have been by now, but at least I get to skip the beginner's level Japanese course at my university, so I'm satisfied with what I've accomplished.

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