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Thread: What are you doing/thinking right now?

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    Default What are you doing/thinking right now?

    Right now I'm drinking coffee in my pajamas wondering if this thread is worth posting. Why can't I make a longer/better OP?

    Hey, it's getting longer now. Maybe it's halfway decent by now. Anyways, what is everyone else doing/thinking right now?

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    I'm posting via my laptop in a linen closet with only the glow of the screen to illuminate my face. The reason I'm in here is to mask the sounds of my sobbing as I devour an entire family portion sized Marie Callender's Blackberry Pie to round off a depression fueled 8,500 calorie binge eating session, as well as to forgo having to share....

    Oh god, the garage door just opened and someone heard the sound of the metal spoon piercing the flaky layered crust.

    *Door creaks open*

    OH GOD, I've been found. If there's no follow-up to this post within the next 45 minutes, assume the worst.

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    Anew Leaf


    I just got done with my night shift at the Hormel meat packing plant. I worked 16 hours straight and I am quite exhausted. The only thing that kept me going through those urine soaked hours was the knowledge that when I got home I could dig into a delicious Marie Callendar blackberry pie that I had been saving for just such an occasion.

    The thought of flaky pie crust melting into my mouth with flowing rivers of berries like some unholy lava eruption down into my waiting and hungry gullet.... Was almost enough to drown out the noises of grunting and despair laden sighs that create the soundtrack to my working life.

    Wearily I opened the door to the house just a few minutes ago and heard the most disturbing sound on the face of the earth: the metal scraping of a guilty fork on a pie plate tin.

    With a sadness that will echo across time and space and satellites to reach your eyes, I will relate what happened next.... Later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevlisZero View Post
    Right now I'm drinking coffee in my pajamas wondering if this thread is worth posting. Why can't I make a longer/better OP?

    Hey, it's getting longer now. Maybe it's halfway decent by now. Anyways, what is everyone else doing/thinking right now?
    Lol! I wonder the opposite!!! "Why can't I make a really shortnsweet post like the name suggests?" The longer I stay here the longer my posts get. I also have the need to edit like 92 times and add a little every time and it really starts to get rambly. Very unnatural too. You can't edit your speech that much in real life!

    Anyway, I'm in my pj's drinking my coffee as well. It's 11 AM, I keep checking the clock, I have definite errands to run, but I am kicking myself because I just can't seem to get up early. I am really on a late night schedule now! I'm also trying to praise myself for going to bed at 1 and getting up at 10 rather than going to bed at 3 and getting up at 11, it's not easy to correct bad habits! Overall, I'm in a calm and pleasant mood though.

    Edit: OH SHOOT, forgot my lines even!!!!!

    (looks at the screen). And don't forget the Marie Callender's blackberry pie! (Takes a bite hesitantly, trying to look impressed with the taste.)
    06/13 10:51:03 five sounds: you!!!
    06/13 10:51:08 shortnsweet: no you!!
    06/13 10:51:12 shortnsweet: go do your things and my things too!
    06/13 10:51:23 five sounds: oh hell naw
    06/13 10:51:55 shortnsweet: !!!!
    06/13 10:51:57 shortnsweet: (cries)
    06/13 10:52:19 RiftsWRX: You two are like furbies stuck in a shoe box

    My Nohari
    My Johari
    by sns.

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    I'm hunting for jobs on MJSC and chatting on MSN with my best friend and boyfriend.
    I'm thinking that I'm worried that neither of them seem to be having a great day. And I feel terrible that nothing I seem to do or say will magically fix it.
    a little less conversation, a little more action please
    . captain's blog.

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    Drinking coffee and trying to get focused enough to get some serious work done. In truth I could happily just laze the day away. Must. Fight. Temptation.
    Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups

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    I've been working since about 5am. Right now I am wondering if I should run to the store before these storms start. Since ENFJ man is gone for work I can eat some sardines and not get the...kerist how can you eat that?? look.
    I like to rock n' roll all night and *part* of every day. I usually have errands... I can only rock from like 1-3.

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    Right now I am watching the movie blitz, whilest browsing the forum and noticing just how much Kasper's voice changed whilest pondering a cold shower because it's just too damn warm here.

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    I'm working and giving the last touches to my thesis. Just came back from training (cycling).
    ENTj 7-3-8 sx/sp

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    Waiting for this ibuprofen to kick in because I have a wicked headache and I NEED to get down to the county tax office to register my vehicle in the state of Texas.
    "There is no god; there is only us. Savage and fragile."

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