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    A window to the soul


    Dear God,

    Thank you for a lovely day. I'm asking you to forgive me for breaking another heart. I know not what I'm doing, I just know what I don't want when I see it and I saw it. Please God, no more of that. May he find your peace and someone to love.


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    Dear Me,

    What's up you beautiful bastard? You rock my world.

    Hugs & kisses,

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    You're fired. Lol. Antimony's Avatar
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    Dear MG



    Dear Others,

    I'm sorry.

    Excuse me, but does this smell like chloroform to you?

    Always reserve the right to become smarter at a future point in time, for only a fool limits themselves to all they knew in the past. -Alex

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    IRL is not real Cimarron's Avatar
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    Dear Step-Family Member,

    You appear spoiled to others, though I don't think you mean to. However, it makes it hard for me to talk with you and relate to the things you say. You expect people to buy this or buy that, but we were not all brought up in a rich family and some of us have more practical concerns before we can worry about the small choices. I would hate to tell you this in person, because I know you have a good heart. I really don't think you're doing it to criticize our ways of just ends up appearing that way. Hope someday you'll piece this together, and accept me for who I am and let the small stuff slide. Thanks.


    Dear Guy,

    I feel as though people expected me to fill your shoes, which is funny, because we're very different people. In some ways, I say (with a lot of hesitation) that I'm filling them better or am prepared to fill them better than you were, but I guess time will tell whether I'll just end up the same way you did. I feel regretful and uncomfortable that it happened at your expense, though. In other aspects, I won't be able to replace you. People around me now praise me for your specialty, but I just wish they could have met you... No one really brings it the way you do.

    Also, from your decision, I get the feeling that you don't think so highly of yourself. I think you sold yourself short, chose to suffer a worse fate than you had to, though I hope not. Now other people are trying to spread the images of your worst side, but I wish I could show them the good side. I miss you, friend.


    Dear Other Friend,

    (I know I talk about you a lot.) As I wrote these other letters, I realized I probably won't make it this time to what's become an unofficial tradition: visiting your tombstone on your birthday. Nobody's asked me yet, but it must be coming soon. They already suspect that I didn't care or something, have doubts about my lack of "mourning," but at least you know where I stand with you. Well, kind of. The way we always were, anyway.

    I will come and see you on Thanksgiving or Christmas vacation, I swear on it. Sorry I won't be there with your friends and family, though. You understand, right? By the way, your parents have gone completely nuts without you... I'm really worried about them.
    You can't spell "justice" without ISTJ.

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    Starcrossed Seafarer Aquarelle's Avatar
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    Dear people who told me what I couldn't do:

    Look what I've done.

    Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting.

    My blog:
    TypeC: Adventures of an Introvert

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    lab rat extraordinaire CrystalViolet's Avatar
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    Dear whomever,
    I don't know if I'm making the right decision. Do I want to stay in this place? I've never been so lonely in my life, and I'm sick and tired of being thought of as weird. Plus I think it unlikely I will ever hook up with any one ever again if I stay here. I'm an Intelligent women who used to be witty and urbane, now I feel like I'm the frightened bullied teenager I was in high school. I fight every day not to be swallowed up by despair, and if I do what I plan here, I'm just hiding from the world. I know I got burnt badly, so much so, the landscape of my life has changed forever, but I continue to let fear and hatred rule over me, I will never achieve anything.
    Cut your self some slack on the relationship front, you are not responsible for other people's reactions, or feelings in the end.
    I so desperately wanted to prove I'm capable of stability, and dependability, I forgot that happiness is an important ingredient. I hate it in this town. Really hate it, and the only people who keep me sane are my co-workers, who I adore. You are not irresponsible if you want to move on. You are not proving to the world you are a flake. You are allowed to be happy, and if you continue down this path, I'm sure bitterness and haters will consume you.
    You deserve better, and yes, even you deserve to be loved.
    Currently submerged under an avalanche of books and paper work. I may come back up for air from time to time.
    Real life awaits and she is a demanding mistress.


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    To Whom It May Concern:

    Is that all there is?


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    dear -:

    i have such an odd conceptualization of time, in regards you. it flies by when we are together, but then it seems to drag when i consider how long we have been a unit. i want it to have been years that i have been with you, though i don't really understand why.

    i am trying so hard to fight my insecurity about everything, to keep being with you. it's the only thing i won't tell you, that sometimes i'm worried that you're not strong enough or smart enough or masculine enough for other people's judgment. i hate that i think this way. i hate that i have allowed myself to be so permeable to the potential opinions of others that i allow them to shake the foundation of my own confidence when it comes to you, you who constantly amaze me. you who became my closest confidante in a matter of weeks, you who shook the entire ground of my being, you who opened up worlds to me. you who can somehow be my most down-to-earth friend and the stranger who sweeps me off my feet at the same time. you who holds me tight and makes me blush, you who feels so close and so distant at the same time.

    dear self:

    please don't mess this up.

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    Dear wait... Dear Brother-in-Law's Wife,

    I tried to be sympathetic and made the mistake of believing that no one in the family gave you a chance... And then you showed your true colors. Now I see why nobody likes you. Stop making up crap. Seriously. We're all starting to think you really do have a mental disorder. Stop it. Please.

    Your Husband's Sister-in-Law

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    A window to the soul


    Dear pup,

    I can't sleep! Stop digging around in the comforter, stop walking on me, stop squeaking at me at 3am to carry your restless tail outside so you can just play around in the grass. Please. Stop. I'm getting serious.


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